1. I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas
    Cozy Catastrophes

  2. “March, April & May” Mix #4
    Various Artists

  3. “March, April & May” Mix #3
    Various Artists

  4. sour
    Sushi Backpack

  5. “March, April & May” Mix #1
    Various Artists

  6. Clever
    Punctuation Club

  7. 5: A February Records Anniversary Compilation
    Various Artists

    Ry Smith

  9. Glow Like There's No Tomorrow

  10. Похожий на осень
    Малыш Камю

  11. In Your Ruin

  12. Dynamite!
    Quiz Kids

  13. Brännö

  14. "Another Game on Saturday" b/w "A Fleeting Summer"
    The Swapsies

  15. Fleur de Lys & Me
    Bourgeois Heroes

  16. one year of original music from February Records
    Various artists

  17. Can't Come Back
    Abby Mott

  18. Great Expectations
    Birds of California

  19. Musical Postcards
    Bourgeois Heroes

  20. Almost Verbose
    Brilliant at Breakfast

  21. New Lives
    The Cavemen Go

  22. Silver Springs
    Dexter Poindexter

  23. Gypsy Paw
    Eastern Phoebes

  24. Giant Clouds
    The Fictional West

  25. Ghost of Chance
    Ghost of Chance

  26. Echoic Exclusion
    Jayson Munro

  27. Paw Meds/Mary, All The Time
    The Inclined Plane

  28. Singles
    Protocol Afro

  29. "Complications"
    Secret Charisma

  30. Staysail
    Two If By Sea

  31. These Are Dark Times
    The Tyler Trudeau Attempt

  32. An Octopus, But Like, An Octopus With Massive Wings And Junk
    Women's Basketball

  33. morning phase e.p.

  34. “March, April & May” Mix #2
    Various Artists

  35. Constant and True — A Tribute to the Songs of Rose Melberg
    Various Artists

  36. Way Last June
    Cozy Catastrophes

  37. Jealous Waves
    The Pretty Greens

  38. Overkill
    The Halamays

  39. Everyone's Dying

  40. A Simple Beast
    Ghost of Chance

  41. If
    Even Artichokes Have Hearts

  42. Catch Me When I Fall

  43. City Lights Fade
    The Whatevers

  44. Olé/Hola
    Bourgeois Heroes

  45. Someone's Always Dying To Break My Heart
    The Cavemen Go

  46. Do You Ever?
    Summer Library

  47. Call It Art
    The Month of June


February Records Boston, Massachusetts

February Records is a (defunct?) independent pop music micro-label based in Boston. "March, April & May" is a pop music zine (that hasn't published since 2019).

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