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Zine: March, April & May #6


The sixth issue of the February Records zine, “March, April & May,” is now available to order. 

This issue is 88 pages and includes interviews with Clare Sarah Records, Even As We Speak, The Catenary Wires, Michael Grace Jr., Sean O’Hagan, Jeanines, Tallies, Mikey Collins, Pushflowers, and Aug Stone.

Purchase also includes a download of the March, April & May Mix #4 digital EP with tracks from Mikey Collins, Mary (Even As We Speak), The Very Most, Beach Honey, Pushflowers, and Aug Stone.

The zine is limited to 75 copies and is only $4 (plus shipping). Order here.

Zine: March, April & May #5


The fifth issue of the February Records zine, “March, April & May,” is now available to order. 

This issue is 80 pages and includes essays and interviews with Tracyanne & Danny, Night Flowers, Famous Problems, Sushi Backpack, Odd Box Records, Mini Dresses, Math & Physics Club, Gabardine and The Courtneys.

Purchase also includes a download of the March, April & May Mix #3 digital EP with tracks from Famous Problems, Gabardine, Mini Dresses, Sushi Backpack and Kevin Hairs.

The zine is limited to 75 copies and is only $4 (plus shipping). Order here.

There are also a few copies of March, April & May #4 left. Order those here (while they last).

Zine: March, April & May #4



The fourth issue of the February Records zine, “March, April & May,” is now available to order. Shipping will begin on October 16.

This issue is 76 pages and includes interviews with Panda Riot, Chickfactor zine, The Fireworks, Sodastream, Brad San Martin, Lisa Bouvier, Rocketship, Lilith, and A Certain Smile. Plus: Show reviews and interviews with indie radio DJs.

Purchase also includes a download of the March, April & May Mix #2 digital EP with tracks from Lilith, Lisa Bouvier, Panda Riot, The Fireworks, A Certain Smile and Rocketship. Tracks are all previously unreleased — either new songs or live or acoustic versions.

The zine is limited to 75 copies and is only $4 (plus shipping). Order here.

Zine: March, April & May #3


The third issue of the February Records zine, “March, April & May,” is now available to order.

The zine is 68 pages and includes interviews with Phil Wilson, Elizabeth Morris, Young Romance, Peaness, Knut from Eardrums Pop and Featherfin, Strange Passage, Kevin Alvir, Postal Blue, Emma Kupa and Ray Neal of Miracle Legion.

The zine also includes a download of the March, April & May Mix #1 digital EP with tracks from Postal Blue, Jason Bourgeois, Strange Passage, The June Brides, The Hairs, Emma Kupa and Featherfin. Tracks are all previously unreleased — either new songs, covers or live or acoustic versions.

The zine is limited to 75 copies and is only $4 (plus shipping). Order here.

FEB043: “Constant and True — A Tribute to the Songs of Rose Melberg”


Order “Constant and True — A Tribute to the Songs of Rose Melberg”

“Constant and True” is available to purchase as a CD and digital download. Any surplus from the sale of this album will be donated to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, a charity that is near and dear to Rose Melberg’s heart.


February Records is proud to announce its latest release: “Constant and True — A Tribute to the Songs of Rose Melberg.” This extremely ambitious project was conceived of and brought to fruition by Jeremy Jensen — leader of the Boise, Idaho, pop group The Very Most — out of his appreciation of Melberg’s prolific output.

Rose Melberg is indiepop royalty. As primary songwriter for one of the very first American indiepop bands, Tiger Trap, she played an indispensable part in furthering
the indiepop movement in the U.S. She went on to release music both as a solo artist and as a member of the bands Go Sailor, The Softies, Gaze, Brave Irene, Tally Ho!, PUPS, Imaginary Pants and Knife Pleats, with sounds ranging from fragile, wistful folk to giddy, fizzy cuddlecore to sophisticated, almost jazzy, pop. Her music as been released on such labels as K Records, Double Agent, Kingfisher Bluez, Kill Rock Stars, Slumberland Records, Where It’s At Is Where You Are and Lost Sounds Tapes, just to name a few.

Bands and artists from the United States, Scotland, England, Spain, Norway, France, Australia and Dominican Republic have provided tracks for this compilation. Two bands (Boyracer and Transmittens) even came out of retirement just to contribute a track! Their interpretations of Rose’s music run the gamut from pop-punk to epic, symphonic walls of sound. The album has 21 tracks in total and features The Hermit Crabs, The Prams, Featherfin, Bodyheat, Emma Kupa, Saturday Looks Good To Me, Marc Elston, Ashley and Eli of LAKE, Fireflies, The Smittens, John Girgus and The Legendary House Cats, The Royal Landscaping Society, Gabardine, Boyracer, Band á Part, Seapony, The Very Most, Tomiji, Tangible Excitement, Transmittens and Rocketship.

“Constant and True — A Tribute to the Songs of Rose Melberg” will be released as a CD and a digital download, with artwork by Marta Tortajada.


The Hermit Crabs – Wonderful
The Prams – No Fun
Featherfin (feat. Deerful) – Old Days
Bodyheat – Moon Singer
Emma Kupa – You And Only You
Saturday Looks Good To Me – Winter Pageant
Marc Elston – The Best Days
LAKE – Tracks And Tunnels
Fireflies – Selfish
The Smittens – Together Forever in Love
John Girgus and The Legendary House Cats – Hello Rain
The Royal Landscaping Society – I Love You More
Gabardine – It’s Love
Boyracer – Alaska
Band á Part – Long Distance
Seapony – He’ll Never Have to Know
The Very Most (feat. Sarah Robostein) – C.K.M.
Tomiji – Fine Day For Sailing
Tangible Excitement – Puzzle Pieces
Transmittens – Words And Smiles
Rocketship – My Broken Heart

FEB041: 5: A February Records Anniversary Compilation

February Records turned 5 in 2014 and to celebrate, we are releasing a CD compilation featuring 14 bands spanning the length of our catalog. Most of the songs have never been released and are exclusive to this comp. We wanted to make this project special. We think we have.

Bands featured on the compilation are: The Swapsies, Brilliant at Breakfast, Ry Smith, Onward Chariots, Summer Library, Boy Genius, Lunchbox, Finnmark!, Ghost of Chance, Secret Charisma, The Halamays, Cozy Catastrophes, The Month of June and The Pretty Greens.

In addition to the compilation, we’ve produced the first physical edition of our zine, “…March, April & May.” The 60-page zine includes interviews with 14 bands plus articles on DIY culture in New England and some February Records history.

There are three ways to order — all through our Bandcamp page:
1. The compilation and zine combo is limited to 100 copies and includes a digital download.
2. Download the digital version of the compilation from our bandcamp page.
3. Order the “March, April & May” zine on its own.

Orders of the CD/zine combo received before midnight (U.S. Eastern Time) Wednesday, February 4, will be entered for a chance to win a February Records feltie keychain made by Lynn Chan, The Quirky Girl Crafter.

Click here to order.


FEB018: “one year of original music from February Records” – Free digital compilation

January 9, 2011 marks the one-year anniversary of original releases on the February Records label.

February Records released its first original recordings in January 2010. Onward Chariots (Brooklyn/Queens, N.Y.), The Fictional West (New Haven, Conn.) and Women’s Basketball (New Haven, Conn./Brooklyn, N.Y.) composed the label’s initial roster of bands. February Records now has a roster of more than 15 bands and artists, with releases in multiple formats and from bands throughout the United States as well as Canada, the Philippines and Indonesia.

This 19-song compilation looks back at the last year with a track from every band that has released music on February Records. The album also looks forward with songs from five bands that will release music on the label in 2011. This ambitious project also contains previously unreleased tracks from Secret Charisma, Dexter Poindexter, Two If By Sea, The Tyler Trudeau Attempt, Bourgeois Heroes, The Inclined Plane and Women’s Basketball.

The compilation represents a wide range of styles — from the Brill Building-inspired sounds of The Cavemen Go, to the country-tinged pop of Abby Mott; from the minimalist ukulele-pop of Even Artichokes Have Hearts, to the electronically-enhanced tunes of The Month Of June and Women’s Basketball. The album touches on dream pop, Americana, psych, bubblegum and powerpop.

February Records looks forward to another year of bringing people together, forging connections and exposing people to great music.

Check out the accompanying video for “If” by New Haven duo Even Artichokes Have Hearts, which will also be included on their upcoming single.

EDIT: Jan. 11, 2011: Short feature on Hartford Courant’s SoundCheck blog.

EDIT: Jan. 12, 2011: Featured on area 51 del corazon.

EDIT: Jan. 12, 2011: Short feature on Bearded Magazine.

EDIT: Jan. 18, 2011: Feature on Burning World blog.

“One Year Of Original Music From February Records” is pretty much as you would expect, full of tracks from their 2010 releases. The label began pumping out releases at an alarming rate back in January 2010 and as well as spoiling us with quantity also managed to keep the quality somewhere between excellent and bloody brilliant.

EDIT: Jan. 24, 2011: Featured on The Jangle Box blog.

EDIT: Feb. 5, 2011: Mention on Japanese blog Pense A Moi.

EDIT: Feb. 7, 2011: Article by Chris Arnott of The New Haven Advocate about the February Records comp and the early 2000s Southern Connecticut State University music scene — “The SCSU Scene, in the February of Their Years.”

… Yet, seven or more years after the SCSU “scene” started, the small Connecticut-based label releases a free digital compilation—One Year of Original Music from February Records—which brings together The Cavemen Go, Tyler Trudeau Experience, Bourgeois Heroes and a more recent Brian LaRue project, Women’s Basketball, all in one place. … February Records is a wonderful resource for thoughtful Connecticut pop bands. Just one year in existence, it’s already an invaluable time capsule of creativity in Connecticut. More than that, this all-too-current label remakes history by showing us that the SCSU scene wasn’t a fluke but sustainable.

EDIT: Feb. 18, 2011: “Indian Lunch Buffet” by Women’s Basketball included on Beat The Indie Drum’s February mix tape.

EDIT: March 25, 2011: Comp review on chaotosch und charmant blog:

I think the last time I got this excited with a compilation was when The Leamington Spa volumes were released. … Really, if you had to listen to only one compilation for the entire year, ‘One year of Original…’ should be IT.