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FEB023: “City Lights Fade” by The Whatevers

The Whatevers are a pop band from Leeds in the north of England. Mike writes the songs and Kate sings them. Al plays bass guitar.

Mike and Kate met at school. Kate had shaved her head to shock the locals. Mike had just split up with the only other indie punk girl in their small town, so it was natural they would become boyfriend and girlfriend. Kate would buy the NME and Mike would buy the Melody Maker and they would swap halfway through the week and cut the pictures out and practice interview techniques for the day they formed a famous indie band. Mike was in a band called Sparkling Tarts and they played at the local youth club with Kate’s band. After they had broken each others heart for about 15 years, Mike finally had enough songs and they formed The Whatevers. Al was one of their biggest fans, so they asked him to join the band.

The Whatevers sing mainly about their relationship history, radical leftist politics, not being able to get out of bed and conversations about sex that they have had at bus stops.

“City Lights Fade” is a picture-perfect example of lo-fi boy/girl bedroom pop. Jangling guitars, charming vocals and irreverent lyrics pervade these five songs. The band channels another boy/girl group, Eux Autres, for their cover of “Anne Boleyn.”

RIYL: Eux Autres, The Garlands, Transmittens, The Lovely Eggs

Interview with The Whatevers on chaotisch und charmant blog:

The Whatevers. A band that makes that sweet mix of lo-fi, 90’s twee and a sensible approach to the subjects that make an indiepop heart skip a bit.

The Whatevers on Brill Dream blog:

There is a thing with bands, where you work ,and write, and toil and one day it just CLICKS. Leeds duo The Whatevers have well and truly broken through.

Describing their sound as a ‘pop punk twee mess’, what they actually make is a gorgeous boppy, fun sound with Edwyn Collins meets Emma Pocketbooks vocals. The lyrics are also pretty bloody good, real stories to sigh to on the bus, stories you have lived through yourself. And get this, there are lines you can actually laugh out load to. wow.

EDIT: April 26, 2011: Review of “City Lights Fade” on chaotisch und charmant blog:

‘City Lights Fade’ delivers lo-fi indiepop in its purest state: simple melodies covered by melancholic, fun lyrics and funny music names. The last track is a cover for ‘Anne Boleyn’, from Eux Autres.