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FEB041: 5: A February Records Anniversary Compilation

February Records turned 5 in 2014 and to celebrate, we are releasing a CD compilation featuring 14 bands spanning the length of our catalog. Most of the songs have never been released and are exclusive to this comp. We wanted to make this project special. We think we have.

Bands featured on the compilation are: The Swapsies, Brilliant at Breakfast, Ry Smith, Onward Chariots, Summer Library, Boy Genius, Lunchbox, Finnmark!, Ghost of Chance, Secret Charisma, The Halamays, Cozy Catastrophes, The Month of June and The Pretty Greens.

In addition to the compilation, we’ve produced the first physical edition of our zine, “…March, April & May.” The 60-page zine includes interviews with 14 bands plus articles on DIY culture in New England and some February Records history.

There are three ways to order — all through our Bandcamp page:
1. The compilation and zine combo is limited to 100 copies and includes a digital download.
2. Download the digital version of the compilation from our bandcamp page.
3. Order the “March, April & May” zine on its own.

Orders of the CD/zine combo received before midnight (U.S. Eastern Time) Wednesday, February 4, will be entered for a chance to win a February Records feltie keychain made by Lynn Chan, The Quirky Girl Crafter.

Click here to order.


FEB013: “Do You Ever?” by Summer Library

Summer Library is the solo recordings of 19-year-old New Rochelle, N.Y.-native Patrick Kelly.

Like many successful musicians, Patrick began writing songs in high school while a member of the heavily-Pavement-inspired band the Broken Dials. When graduations inevitably forced the band apart, Kelly continued writing music, though his solo efforts took on a more Sarah Records-inspired sound.

Patrick began writing and recording under the name Summer Library in the summer of 2010. The “Do You Ever?” single is his first release. He takes influence from bands such as Brighter, Galaxie 500 and Rocketship. The Swedish-sounding A-side is backed with “Past The Railroad Tracks,” which sounds as if someone might have snuck a synthesizer into a classic Field Mice song. Jangly guitars and catchy melodies pervade these two tracks, which clock in at just under 8 and a half minutes.

RIYL: Brighter, The Field Mice, Galaxie 500, Rocketship, Heavenly, Sarah Records

A Layer of Chips blog said about Summer Library:

Patrick Kelly has that perfect knack of writing the most simple pop songs, yet making them so affecting. He takes the world around him, romanticizes it, adds a melody bands have spend years getting nowhere near, and then, lucky us, we get to listen to it. “Do You Ever” is the perfect example of this. Happy, sad, melancholy — all the things a great pop song should be, and for five minutes you’re lost in this world of twirling guitars, brittle beats and yearning vocals. Lovelorn fans of Brighter and Harper Lee be aware: there’s some magic at work here, and it’s called Summer Library.

August 14, 2010: Summer Library interview on A Layer of Chips.

EDIT: October 3, 2010: Summer Library single on area51delcorazon blog.

EDIT: October 5, 2010: Summer Library single on Shoegazer Alive blog.

EDIT: October 6, 2010: Summer Library on Tweendie webzine.

EDIT: October 9, 2010: “Do You Ever?” included on Burning World’s Pod Fodder #93.

EDIT: October 15, 2010: Summer Library on Hits In The Car blog.

EDIT: October 22, 2010: Summer Library on Beehive Candy:

I hate doing the whole age thing but this guy musically shows a maturity way beyond his years and I hope a lot of people keep an eye (or ear) out for more from Summer Library!