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FEB020: “Echoic Exclusion” by Jayson Munro

“Echoic Exclusion,” the new album from Jayson Munro (Ghost of Chance), blends catchy pop hooks with the Connecticut native’s brand of psychedelic guitar. On this full-length solo album, pop sensibilities mingle with strategic elements of surprise, dissonance and harmony.

“Echoic …” showcases Munro’s nearly whispered, understated vocals and his strength at composition and musicianship. With organ, glockenspiel and electronic sounds added to the mix, Munro covers a wide variety of pop and rock styles.

In the spirit of influences such as The Beach Boys and The Zombies, “Echoic Exclusion” is concerned with leaving the listener in a different place from where they began.

RIYL: The Zombies, Sparklehorse, Mojave 3, Slowdive, Built To Spill, Teenage Fanclub, Ghost of Chance

CT Indie:

… Jayson Munro does some solid early ’90s guitar work that could be bookended by anything from the Lilys to Teenage Fanclub.

EDIT: April 4, 2011: Mention on Hartford Courant’s Sound Check blog.

EDIT: May 30, 2011: Review on Leicester Bangs blog:

This guy has such a relaxed style about him. I kinda figure him doing it all whilst lying horizontal, just keeping chaos at bay with his youthful bravado and musical savvy. Of course he has probably done the opposite, worked his fingers to the bone just to get this album done. … It is both intriguing and delightful, and I love it, I really do, this shambolic sounding testament to his talent.