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FEB041: 5: A February Records Anniversary Compilation

February Records turned 5 in 2014 and to celebrate, we are releasing a CD compilation featuring 14 bands spanning the length of our catalog. Most of the songs have never been released and are exclusive to this comp. We wanted to make this project special. We think we have.

Bands featured on the compilation are: The Swapsies, Brilliant at Breakfast, Ry Smith, Onward Chariots, Summer Library, Boy Genius, Lunchbox, Finnmark!, Ghost of Chance, Secret Charisma, The Halamays, Cozy Catastrophes, The Month of June and The Pretty Greens.

In addition to the compilation, we’ve produced the first physical edition of our zine, “…March, April & May.” The 60-page zine includes interviews with 14 bands plus articles on DIY culture in New England and some February Records history.

There are three ways to order — all through our Bandcamp page:
1. The compilation and zine combo is limited to 100 copies and includes a digital download.
2. Download the digital version of the compilation from our bandcamp page.
3. Order the “March, April & May” zine on its own.

Orders of the CD/zine combo received before midnight (U.S. Eastern Time) Wednesday, February 4, will be entered for a chance to win a February Records feltie keychain made by Lynn Chan, The Quirky Girl Crafter.

Click here to order.


Best of 2013: Finnmark!


Finnmark released two great singles on February this year. As a matter of fact, “Everyone’s Dying,” was the first release February had since coming back from hiatus. Finnmark still has EPs available for purchase, too, if you haven’t managed to get yourself a copy yet. Finnmark’s own Edward Forth put together a lovely in-depth list of his favorite albums of 2013. I think we all feel the same way about that Garlands LP, too.

When it came to thinking about my top ten albums of the year 2013, I instantly thought “Right, The Garlands album at the top,” but then I realised that it was actually released at the end of 2012! A good start!

I was also going to put Just Handshakes’ “Say It” in too, but I have had to discount it from the list as I played bass on it, so I’m not allowed to include it on the principle of self promotion!

I always find these lists quite difficult, but this year, I found it especially hard as I have been listening to a lot of older stuff, but I finally came up with it, and enjoyed listening back over the year. When looking over the list, I realised that all of the albums are in fact European, so well done Europe!

In no particular order, here it is:

Fear of Men – Early Fragments
When I first heard “Mosiac” at the end of 2012, I thought it was brilliant, and this was one of my hotly anticipated releases when 2013 came round. More a singles collection than an album, it still sits together perfectly. I got to see them at Indietracks in the summer, and again in Leeds recently, and they were great both times. Interesting drumming, shimmery guitar and great vocals. Fantastic.
Listen to: “Mosaic”

Yast – Yast
Yast are a band that I discovered through the studio they recorded in. I really like this album; jangly, woozy, summery, lovely. I had really enjoyed the singles before it was released, but was really pleased to find an album full of great tracks. And brilliantly recorded at Studio Möllan in Malmo.
Listen to: “Stupid”

Veronica Falls – Waiting for Something to Happen
This was an easy choice! I loved the first album, and this one is similar, just replacing the gothier side with more pop! “Buried Alive” is my favourite track from it, but there are plenty to choose from!
Listen to: “Buried Alive”

Dutch Barn – Lighter Later
I first heard of Dutch Barn through the brilliant Eardrums Pop who posted up the lead single from this album. I liked it so much I bought the album straight away. Brilliant singing, brilliant melodies, brilliant guitar, brilliant songs. I like this a LOT!
Listen to: “Lighter later”

Spook School – Dress Up
I first saw the Spook School at last year’s Indietracks, and I liked them, but it wasn’t until they were on a Cloudberry Fanzine compilation that I really stopped and took notice. A fantastic live band, the album shows that there are some really great songs, above all the nakedness and jokes of the live show. Some brilliant slower quieter songs too, showing a different side to the band. See them live, buy the record and fall in love!
Listen to: “Are You Who You Think You Are”

Shout Out Louds – Optica
I have always been a huge fan of the Shout Out Louds, so when they released this piece of ’80s-sounding pop brilliance, it was to inevitably end up in my top ten! Sadly, this is the first of their albums that I haven’t seen them play live, as they haven’t played any Northern shows in the UK, but I am looking forward to it when they do.
Listen to: “Sugar”

British Sea Power – Machineries of Joy
Another band I have been a fan of for years. This album is somewhat of a return to the less experimental/more pop side of the first three albums, and I love it. Classic BSP.
Listen to: “Machineries of Joy”

When Nalda Became Punk – Farewell to Youth
When Nalda Became Punk are one of my big discoveries of the year. A brilliant band from Spain with an album absolutely full of great pop songs. I won’t go into much explanation, just buy the record and you won’t be disappointed! What made it even better was meeting them at Indietracks and seeing them play my favourites live. A great band and absolutely lovely people!
Listen to: “Before5”

Makthaverskan – Makthaverskan II
There is so much good pop music coming out of Gothenburg at the moment, and a lot of it is on the Luxury label (Alpaca Sports, Westkust, The Sun Days, School). The first Makthaverskan album was quite brilliant, and the second one certainly doesn’t disappoint! Expanding on the themes of the first album, it adds a little more jangle and chorus, and sounds great! Both albums you can stream on their bandcamp, and I would recommend that you do.
Listen to: “Asleep”

Ice Cream Cathedral – The Drowsy Kingdom
This Danish band should be far bigger than they are, as they are quite brilliant! “The Drowsy Kingdom” is quite an apt name for the album, as they make the dreamiest of dreampop! With stunning vocals, beautiful synth sounds and relaxed electronic drum beats, they tick so many boxes! Released as a 500 copy 12″ by a Copenhagen collective, this album is beautifully obscure and underground, but has been on solid rotation on my record player. They also have a pay-what-you-want EP on their bandcamp, which is just as good and I would very much recommend having a listen.
Listen to: “The Ranger”

Roll on 2014!

Release: “We’re Not Köping” by Finnmark!



In preparation for Indietracks this past summer, Finnmark released their first EP, “We’re Not Köping.” Until now, the EP was unavailable unless you attended Indietracks or Finnmark’s Swedish tour. But now, your wait is over! The six-song EP, which includes the two singles that have already been released — “Everyone’s Dying” and “Brännö” — is finally available to purchase!

The EP is available as a CD or digital download via the February Records and Finnmark bandcamp pages.

FEB033: “Brännö” by Finnmark!


If someone was to ask us about a band that fully encompasses the DIY aesthetic, Finnmark! would be a great answer. From home movie-esque videos shot on old camcorders or in Edward’s own home, to hand-drawn artwork and some of the most creative merch we’ve seen in ages, Finnmark! really does live and breathe DIY. As Finnmark’s Edward Forth has said in the past, without the DIY mentality, Finnmark! wouldn’t exist. We’re sure happy they do!

Since Finnmark!’s last February Records release, the band has played Indietracks in the UK, toured Sweden, and released their EP, “We’re Not Köping.” While touring on Sweden’s west coast, Edward shot a video for the band’s newest single “Brännö” on the very island in which the song is named.

Finnmark, vi älskar dig.

As always, this free single comes with original artwork and an incredibly fun interview with Edward.

FEB029: “Everyone’s Dying” by Finnmark!


FEB029 —

February Records is pleased to return from it’s year-long hiatus by promoting the new single and video from Finnmark! Finnmark! will be playing the Indietracks festival, July 26-28, in Derbyshire, England.

Finnmark! is an indiepop band from Leeds in the UK. The band was conceived from a conversation about indiepop between good friends in a Gothenburg kitchen in the midst of a cold Swedish Winter. Fueled by a relentless hangover, jet-black coffee, and a plate of day-old cinnamon buns, the idea made its way back home to Leeds. From there, the idea grew; records were played, songs were written, coffee was drank, bicycles were ridden, Bergman was adored, guitars were strummed, friends were gathered, and the band was born.

The free download includes cover art by Finnmark’s Edward Forth and an exclusive interview with the band.



Finnmark, from Leeds, make darkly, desperate, romantic pop music teeters on the precipice between soaring off into the sky and falling down in a hopeless heap. There’s no magic formula at work here, just a seemingly innate ability to write almost dreamlike pop […] If Finnmark aren’t this year’s next big/little thing on the indiepop scene, I’ll start believing that Scandinavian social democracy really is the cure-all some people seem to think it is. Make this band your next port of call in the meantime.A Layer of Chips