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FEB041: 5: A February Records Anniversary Compilation

February Records turned 5 in 2014 and to celebrate, we are releasing a CD compilation featuring 14 bands spanning the length of our catalog. Most of the songs have never been released and are exclusive to this comp. We wanted to make this project special. We think we have.

Bands featured on the compilation are: The Swapsies, Brilliant at Breakfast, Ry Smith, Onward Chariots, Summer Library, Boy Genius, Lunchbox, Finnmark!, Ghost of Chance, Secret Charisma, The Halamays, Cozy Catastrophes, The Month of June and The Pretty Greens.

In addition to the compilation, we’ve produced the first physical edition of our zine, “…March, April & May.” The 60-page zine includes interviews with 14 bands plus articles on DIY culture in New England and some February Records history.

There are three ways to order — all through our Bandcamp page:
1. The compilation and zine combo is limited to 100 copies and includes a digital download.
2. Download the digital version of the compilation from our bandcamp page.
3. Order the “March, April & May” zine on its own.

Orders of the CD/zine combo received before midnight (U.S. Eastern Time) Wednesday, February 4, will be entered for a chance to win a February Records feltie keychain made by Lynn Chan, The Quirky Girl Crafter.

Click here to order.


April 10: Boy Genius and The Tyler Trudeau Attempt with Matt Gouette @ Rudy’s

Saturday, April 10, Brooklyn’s Boy Genius will return to New Haven to bring their brand of ’80s- and ’90s-inspired pop to Rudy’s. Boy Genius takes inspiration from bands such as R.E.M., Miracle Legion, Let’s Active and The Lemonheads, to name a few. The band’s latest offering, “Staggering,” has been getting rave reviews from pop bloggers around the world.

From A Layer of Chips blog:

Tread carefully ye who tar Boy Genius as the dreaded ‘college rock’, because there’s so much more to them and this wonderfully-crafted album than that. ‘Staggering’ has all the hallmarks of mid-90s American indie, but also draws heavily on bands like Go Betweens and Orange Juice and even early REM at times. I’m not one to call albums ‘classical’, but this is one that draws from just about every cool influence and mixes them up just about right. However, it’s neither a blind copy nor some kind of homage – more an amalgamation of your record collection.

Check out Boy Genius’ new video for “Ramona Saves the Day” —

The Tyler Trudeau Attempt are a New Haven staple with a catchy power-pop sound and lyrics you’ll find yourself singing for days. The band makes musical nods to Elvis Costello, Richard Hell, The Modern Lovers, The Ramones and more.

Matt Gouette is a pop singer-songwriter from New London with a forthcoming release on the Cosmodemonic Telegraph label:

Matt Gouette is a pop virtuoso, trickster musician, and multi-instrumentalist who quite simply crafts some of the finest tracks you are likely to hear. He is comfortable in all genres it seems and his listeners are rewarded with subtle songwriting full of hooks and harmonies that linger. His work suggests equal parts Elliott Smith, Brian Wilson, and Robert Smith.

Check out the video for Matt Gouette’s “Opinion” off the soon-to-be-released “Emeline at the Moon Tower” —

Boy Genius, The Tyler Trudeau Attempt and Matt Gouette @ Rudy’s

372 Elm Street, New Haven
$4, 10 p.m. 21+

Steven Deal ‘Radio Twelve’ record release @ Cafe Nine — Jan. 8

Steven Deal has been playing music since he was 13 years old. Deal first had to sneak into clubs, but at age 18 he got a notarized note from his parents to play when his band, Bleached Black, got its first record deal with Relativity/Sony. Deal toured the USA and Canada several times as a support act for groups such as Dinosaur Jr., Das Damen, The Screaming Trees and The Neighborhoods, to name a few. Deal has worked with producers Lou Giordano (Husker Du, Volcano Suns, GooGoo Dolls, etc.) and Peter Katis (Interpol, Philistines, Jr., Babyheads, Zambonis, etc.) among many others. Deal has also played in bands such as Chopper, The Absolute Zeros and The Naomi Star and appeared in the New Haven punk/new wave documentary “It Happened But Nobody Noticed.”

After a 10+ year writing hiatus, singer-songwriter Steven Deal returns with the pop punk album he’s always wanted to record. Clocking in at under 40 minutes total running time, RADIO TWELVE is his first solo album ever. RADIO TWELVE contains 11 “hate” songs — beer and brandy-soaked pop anthems, stories of romantic misery, self-loathing and megalomania. With a little help from his friends Dan Kohler (Naomi Star), Lisa Hammer (Requiem In White, Mors Syphilitica, and of the TV series “The Venture Brothers”), Chris Cretella, and Dave Parmelee, Deal has offered a window to the world of disappointment, unfulfilled promise and resentment, all the while never losing a keen pop sensibility or lyrical prowess. Semi-autobiographical and very real, RADIO TWELVE is a concise damnation of the romantic condition.

Boy Genius is an indiepop band based out of Brooklyn, NY. They find inspiration in the pop and college rock anthems of the ’90s, including R.E.M., The Lemonheads and Miracle Legion. Boy Genius’ latest album, “Staggering,” is creating major buzz on indiepop blogs around the country.

Mold Monkies contain members of The Absolute Zeros, of which Steven Deal was a member. They play their own brand of powerpop and draw influence from and comparison to bands such as Guided By Voices, Blur, The Kinks and Husker Du.

Steven Deal will release his album, “Radio Twelve,” Friday, Jan. 8 at Cafe Nine, 200 State St., New Haven. Boy Genius and Mold Monkies will also play. Music starts at 10 p.m. This is a FREE show. 21+

June 13: Boy Genius with Werewolf Police and Surefire Broadcast @ Two Boots


We’ve got a really great pop-heavy show coming up June 13 at Two Boots. Two Boots is a great venue and these are really good bands. You’re not going to want to miss this one. Lots of 90s-inspired, rockin’, dreamy, shoegazey goodness.

Brooklyn, NY indiepop band Boy Genius will perform Saturday, June 13 at Two Boots, 281 Fairfield Ave., in Bridgeport, Conn. Opening for the band will be Connecticut-based indie rock band Werewolf Police and New Jersey pop band Surefire Broadcast.

Boy Genius are fresh from playing a rocking set at New York’s annual Popfest with bands from all over the Unites States and from as far away as Sweden and Finland. They site such bands as Miracle Legion, Pavement, Teenage Fanclub and the Pixies as influences, and the ’90s college rock ethos is evident in their sound.

The indiepop blog Indie MP3 said about the band:

Boy Genius cast their influences a lot wider than simple Americana, they have an inner indiepop heartbeat and this is all adds up to a rather compelling mix of American college rock and British indiepop…I think this band are going to be something a little special.

Brooklyn Vegan said the following about Boy Genius:

Boy Genius are definitely within the indiepop realm but not too sugary, not too precious, relying on well-crafted melodies and gentle, mostly-acoustic instrumentation to carry the songs…Boy Genius deserve more attention than they’ve gotten, hopefully that will come soon.

Kensington indie-rock outfit Werewolf Police recently released their full-length album, “Ruin My Night,” to positive reviews. The band is inspired by the likes of Guided By Voices, Modest Mouse, Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine.

Review blog “Even In The Future Nothing Works” said about “Ruin My Night:”

The influence Guided By Voices have had on Tynan Cooney’s singing are apparent, yet not oppressive, come to think of it, I’d recommend Werewolf Police to GBV fans who are looking for something slightly softer.

Surefire Broadcast is a three-piece indie pop band hailing from Southern New Jersey. Formed in 2003, SFBC has remained an active force in the independent music scene since their first show. In the past five years SFBC has been turning the locals on with their unique crash pop sound. The band points to Yo La Tengo, Rocketship, Unrest, Black Tambourine, The Velvet Underground and many other bands as influences.

Underground Productions said about Surefire Broadcast:

Beautifully crafted indie pop, a touch of shoegaze guitar, and a surprising knack to make you want to shake your ass, Surefire Broadcast are a trio ready to have fun. Strapped with Rickenbackers, this band pays tribute to Buddy Holly as much as they do to bands like Rocketship, The Shins, and Grandaddy.

For more information on Boy Genius:

For more information on Werewolf Police:

For more information on Surefire Broadcast:

Boy Genius will perform with Werewolf Police and Surefire Broadcast, Saturday, June 13 at Two Boots, 281 Fairfield Ave., in Bridgeport, Conn. Music begins at 10 p.m. Cost at the door is $5. The show is all-ages.

For more information please visit: