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2015 year-end list


I wasn’t planning on writing a year end list this year until Danny convinced me to. Being an adult took over this year – I changed jobs, I bought a house, and then proceeded to spend the last 6 months fixing up said house. Suffice to say, I didn’t listen to a lot of new music. There is definitely some overlap between Danny’s list and this one, but I feel that’s to be expected.

In no particular order:

The Arctic FlowThe Luminous Veil

Lost TapesLost in Youth

Owl & MouseDepartures

Postal BlueOf Love & Other Affections

Tiny FirefliesThe Space Between

Funeral AdvantageBody is Dead

Alpaca SportsWhen You Need Me The Most

Tim the MuteWhy Live?

The Spook SchoolTrying to be Hopeful

Thee AHsNames

Share your favorite albums of the year with me! What have I missed out on?

Happy New Year, everyone. We’ll see you in 2016!

— Kristin

2015 year-end list


Every year I waffle back and forth around this time trying to decide if I’m going to do a year-end list. This year, it really wasn’t until I saw Knute’s from Eardrums Music wonderful month-by-month lists that I decided to put one together.

There was a lot more really great music this year than I had originally thought. Some standouts for me were The Go! Team, who I’d never really listened to before this year. Cozy Catastrophes, who we released an EP with last year, put out a great full-length this year on Jigsaw Records. Boston’s own Funeral Advantage had one of my favorite albums this year.

Here, in (mostly) no particular order are fifteen of my favorite releases from 2015. Kristin will be posting her’s later this month. — Danny

The Go! Team The Scene Between
(Check out the track “Catch Me on the Rebound”)

Funeral AdvantageBody is Dead
(Check out the track “You Sat Alone”)

(Check out the track “Wheezer”)

The FireworksSwitch Me On
(Check out the track “Runaround”)

Mammoth PenguinsHide and Seek
(Check out the track “When I Was Your Age”)

Tiny Fireflies The Space Between
(Check out the track “Youth”)

Lost TapesLost in Youth
(Check out the track “Slumber Party”)

Joanna Gruesome Peanut Butter
(Check out the track “Honestly Do Yr Worst”)

Wild Honey Sleep Through It
(Check out the track “Sleep Through It”)

Space DazeCapture a Thing
(Check out the track “Was Never”)

Cozy CatastrophesHave You Ever Heard of Cozy Catastrophes?
(Check out the track “Hideaway”)

Big Quiet Big Quiet
(Check out the track “Punk Floyd”)

Alpaca SportsWhen You Needed Me the Most
(Check out the track “Just Like Them”)

Virgin SuicideVirgin Suicide
(Check out the track “There is a Glace Over my Eyes”)

SeaponyA Vision
(Check out the track “Everyday All Alone”)

Best of 2014

We almost totally flaked out on year-end lists this year. But, here they are, for what they’re worth.

I listened to a lot more new music in 2014 than I usually do, but I know I still barely scratched the surface of what was out there. Some of these albums I liked instantly and listened to them over and over. Some of them took a while to grow on me.

10. Fear of Men – Loom
9. Fireflies – In Dreams
8. Martha – Courting Strong
7. Ex Hex – Rips
6. Allo Darlin’ – We Come From The Same Place
5. Dum Dum Girls – Too True
4. The Hobbes Fanclub – Up At Lagrange
3. Alvvays – Alvvays
2. Withered Hand – New Gods
1. Flowers – Do What You Want To, It’s What You Should Do

Per usual this year, I tried to steer perfectly clear of all the hype bands. Yes, that’s right, I still have not heard the Alvvays record. Nor do I plan to, regardless of how many times someone tells me I “need” to hear it. Sorry, folks!

I also don’t think this year was extraordinarily great for albums. Singles and EPs, perhaps, and I still have every intention of writing about those elsewhere, but I had trouble coming up with 10 albums I absolutely loved this year. I have instead settled on five. Three of these five albums really had to grow on me before I began to fully appreciate them and I’m awfully glad they did:

1. Withered Hand – New Gods
2. Martha – Courting Strong
3. Glamorous Life Savers – Resurrected Elsewhere
4. Allo Darlin’ – We Come From The Same Place
5. The Hi-Life Companion – Our Years in the Wilderness

Best of 2009

Here’s my list for Best Albums of 2009 … obviously I didn’t listen to every pop album, so there’s some great music left off this list. There are also some much-hyped records intentionally left off this list. Ok … here goes:

Top 10:
1. The Mary Onettes – “Islands”
2. Afternoon Naps – “Parade”
3. Cheap Red – “Cheap Red”
4. Burning Hearts – “Aboa Sleeping”
5. The Besties – “Home Free”
6. A Sunny Day In Glasgow – “Ashes Grammar”
7. Camera Obscura – “My Maudlin Career”
8. Dream Date – “Patience”
9. The Drums – “The Drums EP”
10. Summer Cats – “Songs For Tuesdays”

Honorable Mention:
11. The Lovely Eggs – “If You Were Fruit”
12. Bricolage – “Bricolage”
13. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – “The Pains of Being Pure at Heart”
14. Let’s Wrestle – “In The Court of The Wrestling Let’s”
15. Hiawata! – “These Boys and This Band is All I Know”
16. Brilliant Colors – “Introducing”
17. Cats On Fire – “Our Temperance Movement”
18. The Raveonettes – “In and Out of Control”
19. The Legends – “Over and Over”
20. Very Truly Yours – “Reminders” EP

Worth a listen:
21. Suburban Kids With Biblical Names – #4 EP
22. Bad Lieutenant – “Never Cry Another Tear”
23. Dum Dum Girls – “Dum Dum Girls”
24. The Pastels & Tenniscoats – “Two Sunsets”
25. God Help The Girl – “God Help The Girl”


Albums I’m sure would have made the list if I’d gotten a chance to hear them:
Pants Yell! – “Received Pronunciation”
Fanfarlo – “Reservoir”
Brown Recluse – “Soft Skin”
The Ballet – “Bear Life”
Colin Clary – “Every little thing counts”
So Cow – “So Cow”


Best local albums:
1. Steven Deal – “Radio Twelve”
2. The Cavemen Go – “New Lives”
3. The Inclined Plane – “I Am Pants”
4. Shark – “Shark”
5. Werewolf Police – “Ruin My Night”


Band I have completely written off this year:
For the last few years I’ve been adding a little part to my end-of-year list where I show my public disappointment in a band I used to like. These are bands that I feel have lost their way, released multiple disappointing albums in a row, “jumped the shark” or just failed to live up to the bar that their past music has set for them. Past bands I have completely written off have been Wilco and The Decemberists. I’ll admit, this year’s choice is pretty “safe.” I suppose I’ve already written them off subconsciously … but let’s make it official:

Death Cab For Cutie

Remember how good DCFC used to be? Remember “We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes”? Remember “Something About Airplanes”? I don’t care how hip and obscure you are now, don’t tell me you didn’t love these albums in 2000 and 2001. Now, I know that pretty much everything after “The Photo Album” has been a major disappointment, but when did Ben Gibbard turn into a creepster? I mean, there’s a big difference between releasing sub-par pop music and just being shady. 2008’s “The Narrow Stairs” and this year’s “The Open Door” EP are just really, really bad. I mean, “I Will Possess Your Heart” alone is reason enough to write off DCFC.


So what do you think? Let me know what I forgot or what you think should be No. 1. Please remember that Top 10 lists are ultimately just for fun/entertainment. If you think my list is completely horrible or are upset that I didn’t rank an album where you think it should be, don’t hesitate to tell me about it. But, remember, it’s just a Top 10 list, it’s just a record album, it’s just music … really. I hope everyone had a great year in pop music. I’m looking forward to what 2010 has to offer.