FEB051 Cozy Catastrophes I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas // digital single

FEB050 V/A March, April & May Mix #4 // digital EP accompanying the sixth issue of the “March, April & May” zine

FEB049 yumenoma morning phase // digital EP

FEB048 V/A March, April & May Mix #3 // digital EP accompanying the fifth issue of the “March, April & May” zine

FEB047 Sushi Backpack Sour // digital EP 

FEB046 V/A March, April & May Mix #2 // digital EP accompanying the fourth issue of the “March, April & May” zine

FEB045 V/A March, April & May Mix #1 // digital EP accompanying the third issue of the “March, April & May” zine

FEB044 Punctuation Club Clever // digital EP

FEB043 V/A Constant and True: A Tribute to the Songs of Rose Melberg // full-length CD with digital download

FEB042 The Very Most Syntherely Yours // Digital full-length album (no longer available)

FEB041 V/A 5: A February Records Anniversary Compilation // CD with digital download and accompanying zine

FEB040 Ry Smith REXROTH // Digital full-length album

FEB039 Cozy Catastrophes Way Last June // Digital EP with cassette tie-in

FEB038 Lunchbox Glow Like There’s No Tomorrow // Digital EP re-issue

FEB037 The Pretty Greens Jealous Waves // Free digital single

FEB036 Caténine In Your Ruin // Free digital single

FEB035 Малыш Камю Похожий на осень // digital EP with 3-inch CD release by Little Treasure

FEB034 Quiz Kids Dynamite! // digital EP

FEB033 Finnmark! Brännö // free digital single (with “We’re Not Köping” CD EP tie-in)

FEB032 The Halamays Overkill // digital EP

FEB031 Bourgeois Heroes Fleur de Lys & Me // digital single (in conjunction with Rub Wrongways Records)

FEB030 The Swapsies Another Game on Saturday b/w A Fleeting Summer // digital single and co-promoted limited-run CD (in conjunction with Lovelypool Recordings)

FEB029 Finnmark! Everyone’s Dying // free digital single

FEB028 Protocol Afro Radio // free digital single

FEB027 Eastern Phoebes Gypsy Paw // digital EP

FEB026 Ghost of Chance A Simple Beast // full-length CD

FEB025 Onward Chariots Two Smiles and a Sigh // limited-edition tour EP

FEB024 Bangkutaman Catch Me When I Fall // free digital single

FEB023 The Whatevers City Lights Fade // free digital EP

FEB020 Jayson Munro Echoic Exclusion // full-length CD

FEB019 Even Artichokes Have Hearts If // free digital single

FEB018 V/A One Year Of Original Music From February Records // free digital compilation

FEB016P Two If By Sea Staysail // vinyl EP (promotion in conjunction with self-released album)

FEB015 Bourgeois Heroes Olé/Hola // 7” single

FEB014 Abby Mott Can’t Come Back // free digital single

FEB013 Summer Library Do You Ever? // free digital single

FEB012 The Inclined Plane Paw Meds/Mary, All The Time // 7″ single (in conjunction with Popular Wallpaper Records)

FEB011 The Cavemen Go Someone’s Always Dying To Break My Heart // CD single

FEB010 Onward Chariots // limited-edition tour EP

FEB009 Dexter Poindexter Silver Springs // free digital single

FEB008 The Tyler Trudeau Attempt These Are Dark Times // 7″ single (in conjunction with fromage-cinq records)

FEB007 Secret Charisma “Complications” // free digital single

FEB006 Ghost of Chance S/T // full-length CD

FEB005 Brilliant At Breakfast Almost Verbose // free digital EP

FEB004P Bourgeois Heroes Musical Postcards // CD EP (promotion in conjunction with Rub Wrongways Records)

FEB003 The Cavemen Go New Lives // full-length CD (re-release)

FEB002 The Month of June Call It Art // free digital single

FEB001 Birds of California Great Expectations // free digital single

TFR006 V/A Home & Abroad Songs Vol. 2 // double CD compilation

TFR005 Women’s Basketball An Octopus, But Like, An Octopus With Massive Wings And Junk // free digital full-length

TFR004 The Fictional West Giant Clouds // free digital single

TFR003 Onward Chariots I’m So Good at Shining // free digital single

TFR002 Onward Chariots Fondness Makes The Heart Grow Distant // free digital single

TFR001 V/A Home & Abroad Songs Vol. 1 // CD compilation