“March, April & May”
 is a fan zine published by February Records. Having included exclusive band interviews as part of our latest digital releases, it was a logical extension of the label. The zine’s title — “March, April & May” — is a nod to that natural progression. 

We are looking for contributors. Please let us know if you’d like to be a part of “March, April & May” by emailing

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March, April & May #5 (August 2018): Interviews with Tracyanne & Danny, Night Flowers, Famous Problems, Sushi Backpack, Odd Box Records, Mini Dresses, Math & Physics Club, Gabardine, and The Courtneys. Includes download of “March, April & May Mix #3,” a digital EP with tracks from Famous Problems, Gabardine, Mini Dresses, Sushi Backpack and Kevin Hairs. — Available now

March, April & May #4 (October 2017): Interviews with Panda Riot, Chickfactor zine, The Fireworks, Sodastream, Brad San Martin, Lisa Bouvier, Rocketship, Lilith and A Certain Smile. Includes download of “March, April & May Mix #2,” a digital EP with previously unreleased tracks from Lilith, Lisa Bouvier, Panda Riot, The Fireworks, A Certain Smile and Rocketship. — Only a few copies left

March, April & May #3 (April 2017): Interviews with Phil Wilson, Elizabeth Morris, Young Romance, Peaness, Knut Eardrums, Strange Passage, Kevin Alvir, Postal Blue, Emma Kupa and Ray Neal of Miracle Legion. Includes download of “March, April & May Mix #1,” a digital EP with previously unreleased tracks from The Hairs, June Brides, Strange Passage, Featherfin, Jason Bourgeois, Emma Kupa and Postal Blue. (SOLD OUT) —  Read “March, April & May” #3 online. Download “March, April & May” Mix #1 

March, April & May #2 (May 2016): Interviews with Duglas T. Stewart of BMX Bandits, The Arctic Flow, Tiny Fireflies, Lost Tapes, Big Quiet, The Very Most, Cozy Catastrophes, Jigsaw Records and more. (SOLD OUT) — Read “March, April & May” # 2 online

March, April & May #1 (February 2015): February Records 5-Year Anniversary issue. Interviews with Finnmark, The Swapsies, Boy Genius, The Halamays, The Pretty Greens, Cozy Catastrophes and more. Fourteen interviews in total plus features on New England DIY and February Records history. (SOLD OUT) — Read “March, April & May” # 1 online


7 December 2018: 2018 Year-End List

13 December 2017: 2017 Year-End List

14 December 2016: 2016 Year-End List

10 December 2015: 2015 Year-End Lists

31 December 2014: 2014 Year-End Lists

24 June 2014: An interview with Lisle Mitnik about the new Fireflies album, his New England roots and growing as a songwriter


26 March 2014: A February Records Tour of England In her own words: Kristin Gill on her experiences traveling to England and meeting two February Records bands, Finnmark and The Swapsies

17 March 2014: Checking in with Tim Brown on the new Lunchbox album, playing San Francisco PopFest and the end of Birds of California

11-31 December 2013: Best of 2013 series

8 December 2013: In her own words: Teresa Daniele on the ups and downs of making music and pursuing what you love

19 November 2013: An interview with Brad San Martin on recording a live album, the final days of Wee POP!, and what the future may, or may not, hold for him musically