February Records is a New England-based micro-label, releasing and promoting independent pop music. Embracing a DIY ethic and a broad definition of the term “pop,” February promotes a wide variety of music — from punk, powerpop and alternative sounds, to psych, folk and bubblegum. Offering exclusive band interviews with many of our releases, February strives to create a somewhat deeper connection between the artist and listener.

February Records is about bringing people together, forging connections and exposing people to great music.

Please direct all inquiries to februaryrecords@gmail.com

We welcome submissions, but please take a few minutes to listen to some of our current artists to be sure your music fits with our collective output. All demos will be listened to, though we may only respond if we are interested in working with your band.

February Records was formed in November 2008 as a live music booking and promotions project in New Haven, CT. Our first show was March 19, 2009. We quickly found ourselves booking multiple shows a month, pairing local bands with some of the biggest and most popular names in the indiepop subgenre.

At the onset, operations were done under the name Tweefort Productions. As the focus of the project shifted from booking shows to releasing music, and in an effort to avoid pigeon-holing ourselves and to expand the potential fanbase, the name was changed to February Records in May 2010.

February Records hosted three music festivals in New Haven in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Dubbed Elm City PopFest, multiple shows were presented on consecutive nights in different venues around the city. ECPF brought bands from the UK, Chicago, Philadelphia, Virginia, New York City and Boston to New Haven, while also featuring local talent.

In 2009, February Records started releasing music with two CD-R compilation albums. In 2010, the label released its first original recordings. February Records now has more than 40 releases from local, national and international bands.

Now, based in the Greater Boston area of New England, February Records is primarily an online-only record label releasing exclusive recordings from bands from around the world. We also publish the “March, April & May” fanzine.

We love pop music. We want you to love it too.