Coming soon: New release from Sushi Backpack


We’re excited to announce we will be digitally releasing the upcoming EP from Chicago band Sushi Backpack. The bedroom project is fronted by songwriter and guitarist Ben Austin who is joined by Gooey Fame on drums, Nikki Geslani on bass and vocals and Jen Lee on keyboards, for recording and playing live, with additional long-distance vocal support from Leanne Butkovic. Sushi Backpack draws inspiration from bands such as Rocketship, Die Fünf Freunde and Citrus, but the first band you might think of when you hear them is Tullycraft. 

A version of Sushi Backpack’s song “Saku” was featured last year on the Fallen Love Records compilation “Secret Gardens” and will also be on the upcoming EP. In an interview with Fallen Love, Ben talks about the song:

For a few years I had an office job that allowed me to listen to music the whole day and, through extensive YouTube sleuthing and recommendations from the Indiepop Digest, I discovered a lot of great music from Japan. Last spring, after finding some cheap plane tickets and using all my paid time off, I booked a trip to Tokyo and planned to see a show every night! I met a girl over there (we hung out at a Kiichibiru show) and we stayed in touch after I returned home. So this song is sort of about that trip and that girl and whether or not we would feel the same way about each other the next time we met. She didn’t but I left that out of the song… 

Check out “Saku” below and stay tuned for more information about Sushi Backpack.

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