… March, April & May: Popfest Preview: Lima Popfest


We love that there are more Popfests cropping up all over the world. It seems as though people are really taking their love for pop music and combining it with the pride of their culture. Lima Popfest is certainly no exception to that. This year will be the very first year for the festival, celebrating the pop bands and DJs of Latin America. We know where we wish we could be on the 17th and 18th of October!

1. Can you give us a history of Lima Popfest (dates, previous organizers involved, etc.)? How and why did you come to be involved?
Since I returned to Lima in 2009, I felt the need to have a Popfest in Latin America. I became an active part of the independent pop scene when I joined the noise pop band Eva & John in 2011 and I remember having long conversations with Roque from Cloudberry Records about organizing a Lima Popfest. Earlier this year, I talked to my friend Carlos Luque from Camisa de Fuerza and he supported the project. Inspired by the Sao Paulo Popfest and the Madrid Popfest, we started working on the first edition of Lima Popfest which will be held on October 17th and 18th in Downtown Lima.

2. What is the process of choosing bands like? Do you contact them or do they have to apply to play? Are there any rules as to who can or cannot play?
For this first edition, Roque, Manuel (Eva & John) and I suggested some bands from Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica, Brazil and Peru. I remember the first bands we contacted were La Ola que Quería ser Chau and Las Ligas Menores from Argentina because they make some amazing songs. Later, Trementina and My Light Shines for You from Chile. We also contacted some great bands from Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, and the band Peru from the UK, but it was a little more difficult to get them here due to the distances and other issues. For the Peruvian bands, we chose them because we think they are some of the best in the local scene. For future editions, we will be accepting applications to expand the lineup. After we launched the festival, we have been contacted by artists who make great music and they need to be heard.

3. What has experience taught you when it comes to organizing a popfest?
Well, it is our first edition so there are a lot of lessons to be learned yet.

4. When does organization start? Is there a timeline you follow? How soon after the festival ends do you begin to plan the next one?
We will take a couple of months off after the first one. So, in January 2015 we will start planning the next one.

5. Do you have any inside tips for festival goers?
Just to have fun and get ready to jump and dance with these amazing bands. If they are coming from a different country, they must try our amazing food, drinks and maybe take some time to visit Cuzco, Arequipa, Trujillo and other cities in Peru.

6. What are some of the best and worst popfest moments you can remember?
It is the first one so we are expecting to have more “best moments” than worst to tell you about in the future. Thank you for the interview. We invite everybody from all over the world to come to Lima in October to enjoy some of the best indie pop bands from Latin America.

Thank you, Daniel!


For more information about Lima Popfest, please visit their Facebook page.

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  1. Wow!! Is that Lima in Peru?!?!?! Would love to visit there! Try get The Swapsies a set next year Kristin! 🙂 xxx

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