FEB038: “Glow Like There’s No Tomorrow” by Lunchbox


Tim Brown and Donna McKean are the two constants among a revolving lineup in the critically-acclaimed Bay-area, California, indiepop band Lunchbox. Forming in 1994, Lunchbox released a slew of singles and EPs, and a string of albums between 1996 and 2002 — their self-titled debut on San Francisco’s Not Happy label, “The Magic of Sound” and “Evolver” on Portland’s Magic Marker, and “Summer’s Over” on Stewart Anderson’s (Boyracer) 555 Recordings.

A re-formed Lunchbox will play the 2014 San Francisco PopFest on May 22-25. The band will release a full-length album on Jigsaw Records sometime this spring.

Check out our interview with Lunchbox’s Tim Brown.



“Always a poppy and sonically diverse group […] Their strength is in their variety and versatility.”Stephen Cramer/All Music Guide

“The first song on either side, ‘Satellite’ and ‘Fernruf’, are just as amazing as the last Lunchbox record. In fact I remember really loving ‘Fernruf’ when I heard them play it live last summer.”Indiepages

“Nice layered poptones with a layered feel, ‘Satellite’ plays with a breezy 60s EZ-pop-with-a-pulse, segueing seamlessly into the more psychy, mostly instrumental ‘I Could Have Been Someone Else’. The fun continues on the flip with the similarly layered pop of ‘Fernruf’ and ‘Gravity’.Shredding Radio

“This EP released in 2001 on the Magic Marker Records blew me away when I first heard it. Though slightly more loopy then most indiepop, there is the underlying melodies and pop mentality that make this EP so enjoyable.”Barf Out Dolls blog

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