Best of 2013: Малыш Камю


Малыш Камю is Evgeniy and Ekatarina, a duo from the southern Russian town of Taganrog. Their beautiful pop songs will win you over, despite the language difference. You can expect a joint release between February and one of our favorite labels sometime before the end of the year! Evgeniy and Ekatarina decided to compile a list of Russian (and one Ukranian) song that they enjoyed throughout 2013.

Subjective playlist of Russian little known indie 2013 (by Малыш Камю)
We know that all Russian music is unknown for USA listeners 🙂 But we decide to make our playlist not with mainstream artists, only with the unknown, just because we love these songs more than the famous ones. We don’t know how all of these tracks sound to foreigners, but we hope it will be nice! 🙂

1. Пёс и группа – Не убирай волосы
We really love this band, because they are so strange 🙂 But in their songs we find something similar with our feelings every time.

2. Andrey Zeberti – Я и твой кот
Song about gentleness and love, memories and dreams from a Russian singer-songwriter.

3. unoworse – An Avatar
This band plays post-punk in the best traditions of this genre. We love to visit their performances, they are very cool!

4. The Retuses – Ara (Astra)
This band plays very poetic songs, we believe that you’ll feel the message of this song despite language barriers.

5. Melan! – Better, Than I
A song from the last album by the folk-singer Melan. We love this song’s simpleness and elegance.

6. jerk & листья – Harmonic Wind
This is a duet of two young songwriters from another Russian city. Two voices and the atmospheric sound of instruments make us feel romantic all the time.

7. Даша Шульц – Весна
Sweet and gentle song about spring and love by a young singer-songwriter girl.

8. Lucidvox – Мечта
Song about ways to dream of an ordinary man in big world.

9. Leafs on the wind – Bird
Atmospheric song with “bedroom” sound. When we listen to it, we imagine that we dancing the waltz in a small house deep in the woods.

10. Мутафория Лили – Идиотвесна
This project is from the Ukraine, not from Russia, but we put it here because it’s fantastic. This guy records so much avant-garde music and has crazy performances. You should watch it someday! 🙂

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