Best of 2013: Nathan Clarke



Nathan Clarke is a musician from the greater London area. He’s self-released several EPs on bandcamp over the last several years and will be releasing with February in the beginning of 2014. Curious as to what he’s enjoyed this year?

My album of the year is by a guy called Bill Ryder Jones titled “A Bad Wind Blows In My Heart.” It’s genuinely one of the most beautiful albums I’ve heard and it’s the first album since “Is This It” where I played it through again as soon as it finished. Bill Ryder Jones was lead guitarist with The Coral until a few years back and since then he has done a lot of soundtrack work. You can hear the influence on this album. Every song is pretty heartbreaking on and it just caught me completely.

Another album that I’ve enjoyed this year is the new Smith Westerns one “Varsity”. I got to play with them in 2012 and was really looking forward to this release. It sounds like a major step forward for them. I can’t believe they aren’t massive.

I’ve been following Anton Newcombe on Twitter and the demos to the new Brian Jonestown Massacre album sound immense. That’s gonna be a great 2014 album.

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