Best of 2013: Jason Bourgeois


Jason is a member of Bourgeois Heroes, Beach Honey and the February Records supergroup, Quiz Kids. Follow him on twitter @junglejasonjr. He made a list of songs that he was into in 2013.

1. Liam Hayes– Fokus. A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III is a movie I really enjoyed. Roman Coppola can do no wrong. Liam Hayes’ score is stellar, too.

2. The Stepkids – The Lottery. Kind of a badass, funky, Steely Dan tune.

3. Hot Chocolate – Every1’s a Winnner. From a very cool Frances Ha scene. Can’t stop listening to this one. The song isn’t from 2013… in fact, a number of the songs on here aren’t!

4. Beachwood Sparks – Sparks Fly Again. “This one goes out to my good friends” is a great way to begin a song.

5. The Monkees – Good Clean Fun. I was lucky enough to see a solo Michael Nesmith show and have amazing seats/a backstage pass to a Monkees reunion gig. My friend Sarah introduced me to Andrew Sandavol, the man who put together the amazing reissue of The Monkees Present and the beautiful Nilsson box.

6. Nilsson – Kojak Columbo. See #5.

7. Henning Ohlenbusch – Maybe I’m Not Meant To Do Anything Remarkable After All. My pal Henning wrote a classic song. I was lucky enough to get asked to make a video (or four)

8. Paul McCartney – New. What can I say, I love those Beatles! Hearing this for the first time made me really happy.

9. King Tuff – Connection. A nice Burger reissue from an album from the recent past. I am converted.

10. Mark Mulcahy – The Rabbit. Dear Mark J. Mulcahy I Love You may be the record of the year.

11. Jeff Lynne – Mercy, Mercy. There’s this music channel that shows all kinds of concerts and roc docs called Palladia. Mr. Blue Sky: The Story of Jeff Lynne & ELO was on heavy rotation and I probably watched it every time it was on. This Don Covay cover closes the film.

12. Sonny & the Sunsets – I See The Void. My friend’s band once opened for these guys and I sat in on guitar. We kinda tanked due to tequila and things, but Sonny & The Sunsets were brilliant.

13. The Upsetters & Friends – To Love Somebody. My friend Brian has a brilliant music podcast called Where’s That Sound Coming From? and the “To Love Somebody” episode was one of many triumphs.

14. The Pastels – Check My Heart. The Pastels release music so infrequently, but they’re worth the wait!

15. The Beach Boys – California Feelin’. Another wonderful box set, Made In Calfornia. I had a legendary “California Feelin'” hammock listening this summer.

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