“Staysail” still available


Physical copies of “Staysail” by Two If By Sea are still available. You can order them directly from the band’s Etsy page!

Order here!

Two If By Sea is the brainchild of London, Ontario, Canada’s Teresa Daniele (formerly of The Haircuts). Also featuring Lisle Mitnik (Fireflies, Very Truly Yours) and Kevin Clark (Homeville Circle, Wooden Owls), the three formed a long-distance songwriting collaboration. The result is nothing short of spectacular. “Staysail” features five pop masterpieces; lush soundscapes brimming with ethereal vocals, swirling strings and jangling guitars. Two If By Sea has been compared to such bands as The Field Mice, The Softies and early Lush. “Staysail” received heaps of praise when it was released in in 2010.


Also … Teresa has released outtakes from the “Staysail” recording sessions as an EP on the Inyrdisc label. Released under the band name Seashells, “The Fondness of a Memory” is available from the Inyrdisc site as a CDR. Check it out here.

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