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FEB031: “Fleur de Lys & Me” by Bourgeois Heroes



Elise and Jason are Bourgeois Heroes. The band began in the spring of 2002 on a roadtrip to Memphis. Once they arrived in Tennessee, they purchased a drum kit and an electric guitar and set out to record their first ramshackle single the following evening at Sun Studio.

Since, the duo has released several handmade EPs that celebrate “Friends”-era Beach Boys production, baroque string arrangements, an often rhythm & blues leaning and various “weird” sounds.

Bourgeois Heroes is currently in a long distance relationship, communicating musical ideas between Austin, Tex., and Northampton, Mass.

The two-track download includes an exclusive interview with Jason and Elise.


Right, lets not mess around, Bourgeois Heroes are brilliant … Brill Dream

FEB029: “Everyone’s Dying” by Finnmark!


FEB029 —

February Records is pleased to return from it’s year-long hiatus by promoting the new single and video from Finnmark! Finnmark! will be playing the Indietracks festival, July 26-28, in Derbyshire, England.

Finnmark! is an indiepop band from Leeds in the UK. The band was conceived from a conversation about indiepop between good friends in a Gothenburg kitchen in the midst of a cold Swedish Winter. Fueled by a relentless hangover, jet-black coffee, and a plate of day-old cinnamon buns, the idea made its way back home to Leeds. From there, the idea grew; records were played, songs were written, coffee was drank, bicycles were ridden, Bergman was adored, guitars were strummed, friends were gathered, and the band was born.

The free download includes cover art by Finnmark’s Edward Forth and an exclusive interview with the band.



Finnmark, from Leeds, make darkly, desperate, romantic pop music teeters on the precipice between soaring off into the sky and falling down in a hopeless heap. There’s no magic formula at work here, just a seemingly innate ability to write almost dreamlike pop […] If Finnmark aren’t this year’s next big/little thing on the indiepop scene, I’ll start believing that Scandinavian social democracy really is the cure-all some people seem to think it is. Make this band your next port of call in the meantime.A Layer of Chips