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FEB015: “Olé/Hola” by Bourgeois Heroes


Elise and Jason are Bourgeois Heroes. The band began in the spring of 2002 on a roadtrip to Memphis. Once they arrived in Tennessee, they purchased a drum kit and an electric guitar and set out to record their first ramshackle single the following evening at Sun Studio.

Since, the duo has released several handmade EPs that celebrate “Friends”-era Beach Boys production, baroque string arrangements, an often rhythm & blues leaning and various “weird” sounds.

Bourgeois Heroes is currently in a long distance relationship, communicating musical ideas between Austin, Tex., and Northampton, Mass. Their most recent release is “Olé/Hola,” available as a 7” vinyl single. “Olé/Hola” contains more of the same ’60s-inspired, jangly pop that those who’ve already discovered this talented duo have come to expect.

Both tracks were produced by Justin Pizzoferrato, whose recent credits include projects by J. Mascis, Hush Arbors, MV&EE and Thurston Moore.

RIYL: Wings, Harry Nilsson, Lee Hazlewood, The Monkees, Serge Gainsbourg, Robyn Hitchcock, The Ladybug Transistor, Apples in Stereo, Van Dyke Parks

Brill Dream blog:

Right, lets not mess around, Bourgeois Heroes are brilliant …

EDIT: March 29, 2011: Very short review on Spacerockmountain blog:

Really lovely and mellow indie pop songs. Very easy to get into.

EDIT: March 30, 2011: Review on Beerandbands blog:

This is a single that does everything you want a single to do. Two short sharp songs that are both excellent, and that as soon as they finish you want to put them right back on again. A vinyl single is made to be touched and loved, and played and played and played, and this one will be.

EDIT: April 4, 2011: Short review on Hartford Courant’s Sound Check blog:

The new song, “Olé/Hola,” is a dreamy little number with jaunty keyboards, fuzz-tone guitar and quietly catchy vocals. It’s the follow-up to Bourgeois Heroes’ 6-song EP, “Musical Postcards,” which came out last May.

EDIT: April 7, 2011: Interview with Bourgeois Heroes’ Elise Nacca in Northampton Valley Advocate.

EDIT: May 26, 2011: Short review on Salty Broad blog:

For better or for worse, this song is STUCK in my head. … It kind of reminds me of a new-school “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da.” Super catchy, and just… goodness.

EDIT: June 1, 2011: Review on Russell’s Reviews blog:

Bourgeois Heroes have a new single out. Ole/Hola is a neat little tune, unfussy and uncomplicated. Its natural home is somewhere between the fuzzy vibe of laid back Super Furry Animals and the twee sweetness of Belle and Sebastian. When You’re Dancing is a mantra like fuzzy disco tune, without being a dancer. It just seems made for swaying in a club. A neat little brace of fizzing pop.

EDIT: Aug. 4, 2011: Review in Valley Advocate:

The CD Olé/Hola was released, says Jason Bourgeois, “in conjunction with a seven-inch record,” the au courant name for what used to be a single. The tune “Ole/Hola” is a bubbly slab of almost retro pop, ringing with Beatle-y echoes and synthesizer weirdness. The song is structured in a loopy fashion, its quite different parts coming back around several times, each jammed (to pleasingly strange effect) right up against the other. Very 1970s sounds show up in the groovy bits, while an intentionally disharmonious female vocal part keeps things interesting in between. The other tune, “When You’re Dancing,” is guitar-driven and unabashedly svelte. It’s centered around the repetition of “You’re beautiful when you’re dancing,” and you get the feeling Bourgeois is offering a perfectly heartfelt sentiment. This is solidly delivered and well-constructed pop.

EDIT: September 2011: Review in Shindig! Quarterly No. 3:

FEB020: “Echoic Exclusion” by Jayson Munro

“Echoic Exclusion,” the new album from Jayson Munro (Ghost of Chance), blends catchy pop hooks with the Connecticut native’s brand of psychedelic guitar. On this full-length solo album, pop sensibilities mingle with strategic elements of surprise, dissonance and harmony.

“Echoic …” showcases Munro’s nearly whispered, understated vocals and his strength at composition and musicianship. With organ, glockenspiel and electronic sounds added to the mix, Munro covers a wide variety of pop and rock styles.

In the spirit of influences such as The Beach Boys and The Zombies, “Echoic Exclusion” is concerned with leaving the listener in a different place from where they began.

RIYL: The Zombies, Sparklehorse, Mojave 3, Slowdive, Built To Spill, Teenage Fanclub, Ghost of Chance

CT Indie:

… Jayson Munro does some solid early ’90s guitar work that could be bookended by anything from the Lilys to Teenage Fanclub.

EDIT: April 4, 2011: Mention on Hartford Courant’s Sound Check blog.

EDIT: May 30, 2011: Review on Leicester Bangs blog:

This guy has such a relaxed style about him. I kinda figure him doing it all whilst lying horizontal, just keeping chaos at bay with his youthful bravado and musical savvy. Of course he has probably done the opposite, worked his fingers to the bone just to get this album done. … It is both intriguing and delightful, and I love it, I really do, this shambolic sounding testament to his talent.

New video: “Pale as White” by Two If By Sea

Check out the latest video from Two If By Sea. “Pale as White” has animation courtesy of Clayton Needham. Copies of the “Staysail” 7″ are still available.