FEB018: “one year of original music from February Records” – Free digital compilation

January 9, 2011 marks the one-year anniversary of original releases on the February Records label.

February Records released its first original recordings in January 2010. Onward Chariots (Brooklyn/Queens, N.Y.), The Fictional West (New Haven, Conn.) and Women’s Basketball (New Haven, Conn./Brooklyn, N.Y.) composed the label’s initial roster of bands. February Records now has a roster of more than 15 bands and artists, with releases in multiple formats and from bands throughout the United States as well as Canada, the Philippines and Indonesia.

This 19-song compilation looks back at the last year with a track from every band that has released music on February Records. The album also looks forward with songs from five bands that will release music on the label in 2011. This ambitious project also contains previously unreleased tracks from Secret Charisma, Dexter Poindexter, Two If By Sea, The Tyler Trudeau Attempt, Bourgeois Heroes, The Inclined Plane and Women’s Basketball.

The compilation represents a wide range of styles — from the Brill Building-inspired sounds of The Cavemen Go, to the country-tinged pop of Abby Mott; from the minimalist ukulele-pop of Even Artichokes Have Hearts, to the electronically-enhanced tunes of The Month Of June and Women’s Basketball. The album touches on dream pop, Americana, psych, bubblegum and powerpop.

February Records looks forward to another year of bringing people together, forging connections and exposing people to great music.

Check out the accompanying video for “If” by New Haven duo Even Artichokes Have Hearts, which will also be included on their upcoming single.

EDIT: Jan. 11, 2011: Short feature on Hartford Courant’s SoundCheck blog.

EDIT: Jan. 12, 2011: Featured on area 51 del corazon.

EDIT: Jan. 12, 2011: Short feature on Bearded Magazine.

EDIT: Jan. 18, 2011: Feature on Burning World blog.

“One Year Of Original Music From February Records” is pretty much as you would expect, full of tracks from their 2010 releases. The label began pumping out releases at an alarming rate back in January 2010 and as well as spoiling us with quantity also managed to keep the quality somewhere between excellent and bloody brilliant.

EDIT: Jan. 24, 2011: Featured on The Jangle Box blog.

EDIT: Feb. 5, 2011: Mention on Japanese blog Pense A Moi.

EDIT: Feb. 7, 2011: Article by Chris Arnott of The New Haven Advocate about the February Records comp and the early 2000s Southern Connecticut State University music scene — “The SCSU Scene, in the February of Their Years.”

… Yet, seven or more years after the SCSU “scene” started, the small Connecticut-based label releases a free digital compilation—One Year of Original Music from February Records—which brings together The Cavemen Go, Tyler Trudeau Experience, Bourgeois Heroes and a more recent Brian LaRue project, Women’s Basketball, all in one place. … February Records is a wonderful resource for thoughtful Connecticut pop bands. Just one year in existence, it’s already an invaluable time capsule of creativity in Connecticut. More than that, this all-too-current label remakes history by showing us that the SCSU scene wasn’t a fluke but sustainable.

EDIT: Feb. 18, 2011: “Indian Lunch Buffet” by Women’s Basketball included on Beat The Indie Drum’s February mix tape.

EDIT: March 25, 2011: Comp review on chaotosch und charmant blog:

I think the last time I got this excited with a compilation was when The Leamington Spa volumes were released. … Really, if you had to listen to only one compilation for the entire year, ‘One year of Original…’ should be IT.

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