End of 2010: Top 20

Below are 20 albums that either dominated my stereo this year or made such an impression that they had to be included as favorites.
This is pretty much an arbitrary list based only on what I had a chance to hear this year. There are more albums that I’m sure would have made this list if I’d have gotten a chance to give them a listen. February Records releases were purposely left off the list. For the most part I’ll let the music do the talking.

20. Love Is All – Two Thousand & Ten Injuries (Polyvinyl)
19. Teenage Fanclub – Shadows (Merge)
18. Belle and Sebastian – Write About Love (Matador)
17. Best Coast – Crazy For You (Mexican Summer)
16. One Happy Island – s/t (Oddbox)

15. Transmittens – We Disappear (WeePOP!)
14. The Salteens – Grey Eyes (Boompa)
13. Very Truly Yours – Things You Used To Say (Skywriting)
12. Milky Wimpshake – My Funny Social Crime (Fortuna POP!)
11. Eux Autres – Broken Bow (WIAIWYA)

10. The School – Loveless Unbeliever (Elefant)
9. Sourpatch – Crushin’ (HHBTM)
8. Antarctica Takes It – Constellations (HDIF?)
7. Boy Genius – Staggering (Greenpop)
6. The Secret History – The World That Never Was (Le Grand Magistery)

5. Sambassadeur – European (Labrador)

4. Betty and The Werewolves – Tea Time Favorites (Damaged Goods)

3. SHRAG – Life! Death! Prizes! (WIAIWYA)

2. Allo Darlin’ – s/t (Fortuna POP!)

1. Standard Fare – The Noyelle Beat (Thee SPC)
The debut album from Standard Fare hasn’t left my car or my ipod from the moment Emma put it in my hands. This is just a superb pop album that also knows how to rock. My favorite track is probably “I Know It’s Hard,” but check out the video for “Dancing” below.

4 responses to “End of 2010: Top 20

  1. Finally! A year-end list that doesn’t make me feel like I’m from another planet. 🙂 Best Coast is the only one I know I don’t like. But I actually recognize and enjoyed about half of these albums… which makes me eager to check out the other half. I’m pretty sure that’s how these lists are supposed to work…Thank you!

    Seriously, it’s depressing to see my favorites ignored everywhere else I look…and the same names popping up on everyone’s list. It’s so nice to see that there *is* a variety of tastes out there after all. And that I’m not the only one to appreciate the greatness of The School, Teenage Fanclub, Allo Darlin’, Transmittens, Very Truly Yours, etc.

    P.S. Nice label 🙂 Especially like your releases by Onward Chariots and Brilliant At Breakfast. After downloading the freebies, I bought the Chariots cd from Jigsaw Records’ site. Do you know of an online store where I’d find Brilliant At Breakfast’s full-length album? One that’s located in, or ships to, Canada? Thanks for any help!

  2. Thanks for the kind words.

    Onward Chariots has new single out on Elefant Records out of Spain. Brilliant At Breakfast’s new full length hasn’t been released yet, but will be available through Paperplane Records in Indonesia and Susy Records in Peru. I’m sure any of those labels will ship to Canada for the cost of shipping. I’m not sure which mail orders either might be on.

  3. Hi Dan, Thanks for replying. 🙂 Other than Jigsaw, Darla Records is pretty much the only other online store I know of, that carries indie releases from various labels. I don’t think they carry Paperplane or Susy stuff though… I’ll have to see about ordering directly from one of the labels if I can’t find a North American distributor. I’m a bit anxious about missing out on the Brilliant album, in case it’s a small pressing.

    Btw, thanks for introducing me to Standard Fare and Sourpatch…sounds good. 🙂 May I share a couple of my favorite discoveries with you? Since we seem to have similar taste in music. Don’t mean to be presumptuous! But I’ve been itching to recommend these to someone – they’re really wonderful and deserve to be heard (and of course are easy to check out at bandcamp):


    Seapony are the Transmittens duo. You may already know about them, but just in case you don’t… Personally I can barely keep up with and keep track of all my favorite artists’ new projects/bandnames!

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