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FEB016P: “Staysail” by Two If By Sea


February Records is proud to partner with Two If By Sea to promote the band’s self-released debut 7-inch EP, “Staysail.”

Two If By Sea is the brainchild of London, Ontario, Canada’s Teresa Daniele (formerly of The Haircuts). Also featuring Lisle Mitnik (Fireflies, Very Truly Yours) and Kevin Clark (Homeville Circle, Wooden Owls), the three formed a long-distance songwriting collaboration. The result is nothing short of spectacular. “Staysail” features five pop masterpieces; lush soundscapes brimming with ethereal vocals, swirling strings and jangling guitars. Two If By Sea has been compared to such bands as The Field Mice, The Softies and early Lush.

RIYL: The Cat’s Miaow, The Softies, The Carousel, Blueboy, The Field Mice

Nov. 30, 2010: Two If By Sea previewed on A Layer Of Chips:

So, as the snow weeps down outside, and I wonder how the bloody flip I’m going to get to work tomorrow, Two If By Sea are calming my nerves and ironing out my brow … Influences are a big thing ’round these parts, and easy to hear Field Mice, Slowdive, early Lush (especially around the frst couple of eps) and a dash of Francophilia.

EDIT: Dec. 27, 2010: “Apron of Flowers” included on Beat The Indie Drum’s Monday Morning Mixtape #82.

EDIT: Dec. 30, 2010: Short review on Beehive Candy:

The music is both charming and soothing without being to laid back, the vocals work so well with the music that at times they almost merge into the instruments.

EDIT: Jan. 7, 2011: “Apron of Flowers” included on Burning World’s Pod Fodder 104.

EDIT: Jan. 11, 2011: Two If By Sea featured on Tweendie webzine.

EDIT: Jan. 18, 2011: Feature on Milk Milk Lemonade blog:

The debut EP offering from this collaboration, Staysail, is made up of 5 tracks pressed for 7″ vinyl and we have quickly grown to appreciate the unique yet classic sound involved. A charming twee backdrop that chimes as a clockwork music box to hold preciously in hand is accented beautifully with the guiding whisper of Teresa Daniele’s vocals. For those who still own just the right type of record player, there will be no greater reward than watching the arm bring another round of either side where this little gem is concerned.

EDIT: Jan. 21, 2011: Interview with Teresa Daniele on There And Back Again Lane blog.

EDIT: Jan. 26, 2011: Feature on GRRRIZZ’LY blog.

EDIT: Jan. 31, 2011: Feature on 360 de Separacion blog.

EDIT: Feb. 5, 2011: Mention on Japanese blog Pense A Moi.

EDIT: Feb. 10, 2011: Review of “Staysail” on Sugarsours blog:

Lush would be a pretty good way to describe the 5 track Staysail. It’s also a pretty good…ehh…what’s that acronym “RIYL?” The Field Mice covering The Softies wouldn’t be a bad summarization either (or maybe the other way around?). If that doesn’t entice you, maybe talk of jangling guitars, swirling soundscapes, and breathy vocals will. If you’re still thinking “eh, not for me,” then you’re a lost cause anyways.

EDIT: Feb. 15, 2011: “Staysail” featured on The Janglebox blog.

EDIT: March 1, 2011: Review of “Apron of Flowers” and “Westbound Train” (from February Records 1-year compilation) on Rawkblog:

Like the Clientele’s early, more whispery work, Two If By Sea’s “Apron of Flowers” jangles under a London fog — though the band hails from London, Ontario. The song’s not much more than a handful of chords and featherweight percussion, but its loveliness belies any considerations of heft. The same is true for compilation single “Westbound Train,” which adds a Yo La Tengo synthesizer and ironic dance groove to the mix to charming, reverb-swaddled effect.

EDIT: March 1, 2011: Review of “Westbound Train” (from February Records 1-year compilation) on blog:

I’m seriously in love with all that is simple right now. Westbound Train is nothing short of that. A very simple melody (on an organ–hell yes) that carries throughout the song accompanied by a very simple vocal melody and a consistent drum beat makes for a very simple awesome lo-fi pop track. … I’ll be keeping tabs on this band, you should, too.

EDIT: March 7, 2011: “Apron of Flowers” reviewed on mp3hugger:

‘Apron of Flowers’ is the promo tune and proves to be a prime candidate for Sarah Records new compilation were such a thing ever to happen. Funny too that the duo come from London (Ontario, that is), surely the original hub of lo-fi skirmishes and DIY indie aesthetics. Of course they could just as well be Scandinavian. Looks like the future is bright …

End of 2010: Top 20

Below are 20 albums that either dominated my stereo this year or made such an impression that they had to be included as favorites.
This is pretty much an arbitrary list based only on what I had a chance to hear this year. There are more albums that I’m sure would have made this list if I’d have gotten a chance to give them a listen. February Records releases were purposely left off the list. For the most part I’ll let the music do the talking.

20. Love Is All – Two Thousand & Ten Injuries (Polyvinyl)
19. Teenage Fanclub – Shadows (Merge)
18. Belle and Sebastian – Write About Love (Matador)
17. Best Coast – Crazy For You (Mexican Summer)
16. One Happy Island – s/t (Oddbox)

15. Transmittens – We Disappear (WeePOP!)
14. The Salteens – Grey Eyes (Boompa)
13. Very Truly Yours – Things You Used To Say (Skywriting)
12. Milky Wimpshake – My Funny Social Crime (Fortuna POP!)
11. Eux Autres – Broken Bow (WIAIWYA)

10. The School – Loveless Unbeliever (Elefant)
9. Sourpatch – Crushin’ (HHBTM)
8. Antarctica Takes It – Constellations (HDIF?)
7. Boy Genius – Staggering (Greenpop)
6. The Secret History – The World That Never Was (Le Grand Magistery)

5. Sambassadeur – European (Labrador)

4. Betty and The Werewolves – Tea Time Favorites (Damaged Goods)

3. SHRAG – Life! Death! Prizes! (WIAIWYA)

2. Allo Darlin’ – s/t (Fortuna POP!)

1. Standard Fare – The Noyelle Beat (Thee SPC)
The debut album from Standard Fare hasn’t left my car or my ipod from the moment Emma put it in my hands. This is just a superb pop album that also knows how to rock. My favorite track is probably “I Know It’s Hard,” but check out the video for “Dancing” below.