FEB012: “Paw Meds/Mary, All The Time” by The Inclined Plane

February Records and Popular Wallpaper Recordings announce the co-release of a limited-edition 7” vinyl single, “Paw Meds/Mary, All The Time” (FEB012/PWR008), from Hartford, Conn., psych-pop outfit, The Inclined Plane.

The Inclined Plane continues to believe that age-old diet of vacuum tubes and mondegreens is the secret to writing classic psych-pop. Their lo-fi carousel of catchy hooks and melodic fun is a dizzy joyride spinning on the circle of fifths. From noisy ’60s psychedelia and harmony-rich folk, to kraut drones and detuned ’90s guitar jangles, a carefully-selected rack of spices finds its way into The Inclined Plane’s confections.

They have self-released three EPs — “Gestalt Pump” (2006), “The Bit Intuit” (2007) and “Nonpareils” (2007) — each in limited runs in handmade packaging (featuring the artwork of John Tieman) on their own Popular Wallpaper Recordings label. In 2009 came the proper full-length, “I Am Pants,” which found them expanding their songwriting palette and distilling their unique brand of ambitious home recording into 10 golden, mixtape-ready pop singles. Now comes the “Paw Meds/Mary, All the Time” 7-inch single. Co-released with Popular Wallpaper Recordings, this hand-numbered, limited-run of 200 records contains two more brand new reverb-soaked nuggets.

RIYL: Sonic Youth, Pavement, Yo La Tengo, Galaxie 500, The Clean, The Zombies

From the New Haven Advocate:

Sometimes delicate, sometimes assertively pounding, the band grabs hold of so many classic indie-pop signposts (jangly guitars, buzzing organs, white noise, and, most importantly, catchy melodies that shine through it all), it’s clear they understand the ’80s progenitors of the subgenre and also the early ’60s records those bands were referencing.

From IndiePages.com:

… even though their sound is tamer, their songwriting is definitely much better now; the most appropriate (albeit obscure) comparison is the Mezzanines, but other obvious reference points include the Gerbils, the Velvet Underground and Pavement’s slower moments.

From BeatTheIndieDrum.com:

Hartford, CT’s The Inclined Plane aren’t necessarily trying to reinvent the wheel nor are they pretending to write the future with their debut effort “I Am Pants.” They are, however, very interested in staking their claim as New England’s most promising psyche-pop outfit.

From Sugar Sours blog:

… if you’re looking to fill that slower-tempo lo-fi hole in your life, I’d recommend checking [The Inclined Plane] out. From the sounds of it, “I Am Pants” is going to be what you want to listen to late at night when the party’s dwindling but no one wants to go home, so you sit on the couch and look through old photo albums.

EDIT: Nov. 1, 2010: Review on A Layer of Chips blog:

The new single ‘Paw Meds’/’Mary all the Time’ is the very essence of autumn; it’s a warm, fuzzy slice of pop that instantly banishes any blues you might have about Things and Stuff in a huge pop explosion. And that’s hyperbole! You might want to compare Inclined Plane to bands such as Specific Heats, who also make this kind of pop music seem so effortless. You might, because the two bands seem to share a sense of the ridiculousness of pop, and what makes it bright and sparkly when everything else around you is the most beige.

EDIT: Nov. 3, 2010: Short review on Hartford Courant’s Sound Check blog:

“Paw Meds” is a stately vintage-style rocker awash in lo-fi guitar and murky vocals, as if you’re hearing the whole thing blaring out of an apartment down the hall. “Mary, All the Time” puts that same murky vocal sound atop crisp acoustic guitar and chiming glockenspiel.

EDIT: Nov. 7, 2010: Review on Spacerockmountain blog:

The Inclined Plane makes some remarkably flexible sound that fluxes between their undoubtedly diverse influences. Certainly a healthy dose of Elephant 6 style psychedelic experimentation can be heard, as well as underpinning informed by the Beach Boys and the Velvet Underground.

EDIT: Nov. 8, 2010: The Inclined Plane on Beehive Candy blog.

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