Onward Chariots – “Save Me Maryann” single (Elefant Records)

If you never downloaded the two free singles from Onward Chariots … well, sorry, you’ve missed your chance.

The New York quartet has a new single coming out on Spain’s Elefant Records this weekend. Onward Chariots have accomplished quite a bit since those first two free releases early this year. Those songs received a lot of well-deserved praise and caught the ear of indiepoppers around the world. In addition to the Elefant single, the band played the Indietracks festival in England and Athens popfest this summer and will be playing Popfest! New England next month.

The Elefant single takes four of Onward Chariots’ best tunes from both February releases and offers them up in a nice little package. With great cover art and a reworked version of “Save Me Maryann,” you should get a hold of this release even if you did download the free singles. Plus, the Elefant single is being offered on white vinyl.

Hopefully this release will open more doors for Onward Chariots. We wish them the best.

Head over to Elefant and check out the “Save Me Maryann” single.

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