FEB008: “These Are Dark Times” by The Tyler Trudeau Attempt

February Records and fromage-cinq records announce the co-release of a limited-edition 7” vinyl single, “These Are Dark Times,” from New Haven/Brooklyn powerpop outfit The Tyler Trudeau Attempt.

If the fruits of Tyler Trudeau’s recent unemployment are records such as the ones he’s been turning out, then may he never find work. It hasn’t been long since we last heard from the Brooklyn-via-New Haven songwriter/singer/multi-instrumentalist — the debut album by his pure-pop one-man band, Women’s Basketball, the acclaimed An Octopus, but Like, an Octopus with Massive Wings, and Junk, was one of February Records’ inaugural releases in January of this year. And this spring, his career-spanning compilation CD-R Hey Turdo! unearthed some surprising stuff, out-of-print or previously unreleased tracks that would’ve counted as album highlights for a lesser songwriter.
Now Trudeau’s firing another salvo with his main band, the wide-ranging pop group The Tyler Trudeau Attempt. “These Are Dark Times” is the lead single from the Attempt’s upcoming album, Something, Anything Else (label and release date to be determined). The album stands as a handy summary of the band’s garage-rocking pan-pop, which pinches ideas from early punk rock, Brill Building pop, surf rock, jangle-pop, post-punk, the British Invasion and whatever else catches their restless fancy. Trudeau has often claimed, somewhat disingenuously, “I write three-minute pop songs about feeling bad.” Add 10 seconds to that statement, though, and that’s “These Are Dark Times.” The record is backed with backed with “We’ll Win This One Yet.”
Originally a solo home recording project commenced during Trudeau’s high school years, The Tyler Trudeau Attempt has been a gigging live band for over half a decade. Today’s incarnation of the band includes current and former members of the bands Apse, The Cavemen Go, Shark and FayRey. They are Tyler Trudeau (vocals, guitars), John Mordecai (keyboards, vocals), Alex Larson (bass) and Bob Breychak (drumkit).

RIYL: Elvis Costello, Richard Hell, Billy Bragg, The Ramones, Modern Lovers, The Knack, The Romantics

From the New Haven Register:

Tyler Trudeau Attempt, a band that makes pop music the way it should be: with garage-like guitars and quality hooks.

From the Hartford Advocate:

I was reminded of all manner of awesome late punk and new wave bands. The Tyler Trudeau Attempt specialize not only in evoking the sounds of that time, but also the stubborn awkwardness, the diffculty of interpretation. … Trudeau’s musical vision may seem to call upon cultural moments too disparate to make sense — but the thing is, his music makes it gel.

The single is also available through these Connecticut independent record stores:
Redscroll Records (24 N. Colony Rd., Wallingford, 203-265-7013)
Exile on Main Street (265 E. Main St., Branford, 203-483-6228)
The Telegraph (19 Golden St., New London, 860-701-0506)
Brass City Records (489 Meadow St., Waterbury, 203-574-7805)
Cutler’s Records & Tapes (27 Broadway, New Haven, 203-777-6271)

EDIT: Aug. 17, 2010: “These Are Dark Times” reviewed on Surviving The Golden Age:

Connecticut indie label, February Records, seems to always be releasing great music and being from CT, I try to hold it down for them. Their latest release is a seven inch record by The Tyler Trudeau Attempt. “These Are Dark Times” is the a-side of the single. The track mixes surf rock guitars with strong power pop hooks. The track is pretty irresistible. Check it out.

EDIT: Aug. 27, 2010: “We’ll Win This One Yet” featured on Burning World’s Pod Fodder.

EDIT: Sept. 21, 2010: Review on Sugarsours blog:

So hey! The Tyler Trudeau Attempt have a 7″ out on February Records RIGHT NOW! Sometimes you need a little kick-start in the morning (or morning, evening, and then morning again in my case), and These Are Dark Times is like a powerpop-punt. The surf inspired riffs mixed with a heavy dose of reverb and distortion get “The Are Dark Times”‘ proverbial foot in the door of the reverb-drenched garage scene that’s so hot right now, but make no mistake, this is solid power pop. Flip it over for “We’ll Win This One Yet,” and wind things down as Tyler winds things up, doubling the tempo before just drifting off.

EDIT: October 9, 2010: Review on Milk Milk Lemonade blog:

For those already listening and angling for a specific influence, genre or time period to pinpoint, your finger might not find a proper resting place and the beauty of this sound might be overlooked entirely. Although any ridiculous comparison on our behalf might include classic artists Dick Dale and/or Joe Jackson, please take time for listening to this infectious blend of energetic guitar-driven pop guided, if not tempered, by accenting waves of surf-goodness.

EDIT: December 3, 2010: Feature on The Deli NYC.

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