Feb.Recs showcase at Ideat Village Festival

February Records has been asked to host a showcase at this year’s Ideat Village festival in New Haven.

Now in its ninth year, Ideat Village began as a response — and something of a challenge — to New Haven’s massively-funded International Festival of Arts and Ideas. From the Ideat Village Facebook page: “Ideat Village organically sprouted as a direct response to the vanishing opportunities for local artists to participate in New Haven’s multi-million dollar International Festival of Arts and Ideas — to the rave reviews of local artists and musicians, and to the consternation of the recognized ‘Art Establishment’. Ideat Village is produced each year entirely on small independent donations and community goodwill; the festival is run by artists, for artists and the community.”

We’ll be presenting three bands that will all have releases on February Records in the coming months:

The Tyler Trudeau Attempt will be releasing a 7″ single in preparation for their upcoming full-length album. TTTA play catchy powerpop and is a staple on New Haven stages.

Ghost of Chance will be releasing their debut full-length through Feb.Recs. The band boasts Jayson Munro, previously of The Striders; George Moore; David Corsak; and Mark Niciu, of The Wee Bees and previously of The Inclined Plane. Ghost of Chance will be making their live debut at Ideat Village.

The Wee Bees have plans for an upcoming single and EP. They’ve been playing out a lot — hitting Cafe Nine, Bru Cafe and Two Boots since making their live debut in March at ArtSpace New Haven. The Wee Bees play jazzy, shoegaze-inspired pop with an ’80s and ’90s feel to it.

Catch the February Records showcase Saturday, June 26 from 5-7 p.m. at Pitkin Plaza on Orange St. in New Haven.

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