FEB002: “Call It Art” – The Month of June

The Month of June is the musical outlet of Michael Murphy, formerly of the Connecticut noise-pop project Manchester By The Sea. Splitting equal time between Connecticut and New York City, The Month of June features collaborations with various musicians, including Brad San Martin (One Happy Island), among others.

Taking its name from a line in Musical Youth’s “Pass the Dutchie.” The Month of June’s sole purpose is to fill the world with short, beat-driven pop songs — songs that aren’t scared to get happy, yet don’t shy away from sadness.

The Month of June draws inspiration from the changing seasons, the natural surroundings of the Northeastern United States, love, loss, revenge and the intricacies of daily life.

RIYL: The Legends, Black Tambourine, The Beach Boys, Galaxie 500, Panda Bear

EDIT May 9, 2010: Review on A Layer of Chips:

‘Call It Art’ uses the vocoder, but Cher this isn’t. It’s an almost funky, fizzbomb of a song. A sort of indiepop drum ‘n’ bass, if you must. It’s also a perfect summer song. Go on, open the bus window and stick this on your new-fangled em pee three player. On the b-side, there’s ‘Daffodil’ – a more straightforward pop song, with a chorus that will accompany your every waking moment from now until eternity. There’s also a nice bit of trumpet from Brad San Martin of One Happy Island. I’d go as far to say that ‘Daffodil’ is the best song here.

EDIT May 11, 2010: Review on Side Ponytail

EDIT May 12, 2010: The Month of June included on Burning World’s Pod Fodder:

This is the first track on a superb debut single by The Month Of June who as far as I can tell are basically Michael Murphy who used to trade as Manchester By The Sea. This is the title track from his debut release as The Month Of June. The rest of the EP can be found at the February Records website.

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