April 10: Boy Genius and The Tyler Trudeau Attempt with Matt Gouette @ Rudy’s

Saturday, April 10, Brooklyn’s Boy Genius will return to New Haven to bring their brand of ’80s- and ’90s-inspired pop to Rudy’s. Boy Genius takes inspiration from bands such as R.E.M., Miracle Legion, Let’s Active and The Lemonheads, to name a few. The band’s latest offering, “Staggering,” has been getting rave reviews from pop bloggers around the world.

From A Layer of Chips blog:

Tread carefully ye who tar Boy Genius as the dreaded ‘college rock’, because there’s so much more to them and this wonderfully-crafted album than that. ‘Staggering’ has all the hallmarks of mid-90s American indie, but also draws heavily on bands like Go Betweens and Orange Juice and even early REM at times. I’m not one to call albums ‘classical’, but this is one that draws from just about every cool influence and mixes them up just about right. However, it’s neither a blind copy nor some kind of homage – more an amalgamation of your record collection.

Check out Boy Genius’ new video for “Ramona Saves the Day” —

The Tyler Trudeau Attempt are a New Haven staple with a catchy power-pop sound and lyrics you’ll find yourself singing for days. The band makes musical nods to Elvis Costello, Richard Hell, The Modern Lovers, The Ramones and more.

Matt Gouette is a pop singer-songwriter from New London with a forthcoming release on the Cosmodemonic Telegraph label:

Matt Gouette is a pop virtuoso, trickster musician, and multi-instrumentalist who quite simply crafts some of the finest tracks you are likely to hear. He is comfortable in all genres it seems and his listeners are rewarded with subtle songwriting full of hooks and harmonies that linger. His work suggests equal parts Elliott Smith, Brian Wilson, and Robert Smith.

Check out the video for Matt Gouette’s “Opinion” off the soon-to-be-released “Emeline at the Moon Tower” —

Boy Genius, The Tyler Trudeau Attempt and Matt Gouette @ Rudy’s

372 Elm Street, New Haven
$4, 10 p.m. 21+

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