Standard Fare: March 13 @ Cafe Nine

We’re very excited to be hosting Standard Fare all the way from Sheffield UK next month. Mark March 13 on your calendar for another night of great pop music. Joining Standard Fare will be New Haven’s The Cavemen Go and New London’s Conversion Party.

Here’s what some blogs are saying about Standard Fare:

Oddbox Blog: This new single ‘Fifteen’, again on Thee SPC, is set to lay a marker down early doors for single of 2010. ‘Fifteen’ the song, is pop perfection. Emma Kupa’s voice is one of those beguiling things – powerful, fragile and totally mesmerising and yet it still manages to be one of the catchiest songs you are likely to stumble upon, this or any year. Hiding within the grooves is a darker song about wanting someone who is under-age. Standard Fare have a sound that could loosely be described as a cross between old school British indie and US college radio indie from the 80s. That’s not to say that they sound American, the don’t. But if you were to meld together indiepop with sounds that American bands like Throwing Muses and early REM made you could well be a bit closer to fathoming how Standard Fare make sounds so deceptively simple sound so damn infectious. The B side ‘Understand’ is a gentler number and it shows that the band have more than one string to their bow. I can not wait for their début LP to be released – lucky for me (and you) that ‘The Noyelle Beat’ will be out in March. Good times.

Norman Records: There’s a little buzz about this band Standard Fare. That is totally justified entirely as their debut single ‘Fifteen’ recalls classic, sprinting C86 shamble ‘n’ jangle indie, spilling with spirit & gusto. Musically it reminds me of a less twee & more muscular Heavenly or Liechtenstein’s less angular, more straight guitar pop stuff. Singer Emma has a really strong, hearty voice & the song makes me shed a nostalgic tear for beloved times listening to Peel in my teens & twenties. Really heartening to hear a band that transcends pastiche & effortlessly arrives with the equivalent of a lost gem.

Piccadilly Records: Love this! “Fifteen” is a great slice of jangly indie pop that rattles along at a fair old pace and although it’s kinda cute it’s ballsy too, mainly down to singer Emma’s great vocals. “Understand” on the flip, is a slower more introspective song, that recalls Morrissey’s songwriting at it’s best. Ones to keep an eye on this year I think.

Pop N Cherries Blog: While A-side “Fifteen” perfectly fulfills the role of the infectious sing-along hit, B-side “Understand” gives Emma’s voice another chance to kiss the stars on a splendid New Pornographers-like tune, full of melodic brilliance & emphasis.

And check out the cute DIY video above for “Dancing” — made up of photos of the band and random photos of people dancing — it’s great.

Standard Fare with Conversion Part and The Cavemen Go
Cafe Nine, 250 State St., New Haven
10 p.m. FREE. 21+

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