Onward, Chariots!

Chariots of Tuna have changed their name. No longer should you picture a wagon of fish when you hear the sweet pop tunes penned by Ben Morss and company. From here on out they will be known as Onward, Chariots.

I’m a fan of the new name … it looks to the future and apparently, the future is looking bright for our friends from the big city. Onward, Chariots have been asked to play in two pop festivals this summer — Athens (GA) PopFest and the Indietracks pop festival in England. Both are quite well known in the pop world and it’s a feather in the cap of the band to be playing these gigs. It’s also somewhat of a feather in Tweefort’s cap to have this band on the roster.

Here’s what Ben says on Onward, Chariots’ MySpace blog:

“Chariots of Tuna” is now “Onward, Chariots” — As this band has quickly grown from a little project into a group that people care about and listen to, it’s become evident that we needed a less whimsical name. And so we have become “Onward, Chariots.” It’s not easy… knowing how it will confuse internet search engines for a while… and then trying to find another name that contained the word “Chariots.”

You can still download both EPs from Chariots of Tuna Onward, Chariots over on our releases page.

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