TFR006: “Home & Abroad Songs Vol. 2”

TFR006: Home & Abroad Songs Vol. 2 – V.A.
Tracks are no longer available.

Mark your calendars. February 19 we’ll be releasing our second compilation in our Home & Abroad Songs series. Volume 2 is a massive, bloated double disc comp with one CD of Connecticut bands (Home) and one CD of national and international bands (Abroad … for our purposes “abroad” is anything not in Conn.).

We’ve got heavy New Haven representation on the Home disc, but also tracks from bands from Hartford, Westbrook, Bridgeport, Monroe and Middletown. And the Abroad CD has bands from as close as New York and as far away as Sweden and Denmark. Check out the complete list of bands below.

We’ll be releasing the comp Friday, Feb. 19 with a show at Cafe Nine in New Haven. Headlining will be NYC’s very cool pop band The Ballet. Also playing will be FayRey and Slam Donahue. And be sure to get there on time to catch one of the area’s newest pop bands, DayPape.

The Fictional West (New Haven)
Mixtape (New York/New Haven)
The Tyler Trudeau Attempt (New Haven)
Sewing Machines (Middletown)
The Inclined Plane (Hartford)
Titles (New Haven)
The Dayzies (Middletown)
The Jackies (New Haven)
Saint Bernadette (Bridgeport)
DayPape (Westbrook)
Women’s Basketball (New Haven)
Think Quick (Monroe)
Slam Donahue (CT)
Shark (New Haven/Boston)
Love and Hymen (Milford/New York)
Fay Rey (New Haven/New York)

Gustav and The Seasick Sailors (Sweden)
The Postcards (England)
The Ballet (New York)
Oberhofer (Wash./New York)
The Upstairs! (Penn.)
Ex Norwegian (Florida)
The Mother Z’s (Illinois)
Robert Church & The Holy Community (Sweden)
Mammoth Life (Kansas)
Fairmont (New Jersey)
The Adventures Of (New York)
Poland (Seattle)
Cleemann (Denmark)
Sunset Soundtrack (Georgia)
Sunshower Orphans (New York)
The Susan Constant (Mass.)

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