Steven Deal ‘Radio Twelve’ record release @ Cafe Nine — Jan. 8

Steven Deal has been playing music since he was 13 years old. Deal first had to sneak into clubs, but at age 18 he got a notarized note from his parents to play when his band, Bleached Black, got its first record deal with Relativity/Sony. Deal toured the USA and Canada several times as a support act for groups such as Dinosaur Jr., Das Damen, The Screaming Trees and The Neighborhoods, to name a few. Deal has worked with producers Lou Giordano (Husker Du, Volcano Suns, GooGoo Dolls, etc.) and Peter Katis (Interpol, Philistines, Jr., Babyheads, Zambonis, etc.) among many others. Deal has also played in bands such as Chopper, The Absolute Zeros and The Naomi Star and appeared in the New Haven punk/new wave documentary “It Happened But Nobody Noticed.”

After a 10+ year writing hiatus, singer-songwriter Steven Deal returns with the pop punk album he’s always wanted to record. Clocking in at under 40 minutes total running time, RADIO TWELVE is his first solo album ever. RADIO TWELVE contains 11 “hate” songs — beer and brandy-soaked pop anthems, stories of romantic misery, self-loathing and megalomania. With a little help from his friends Dan Kohler (Naomi Star), Lisa Hammer (Requiem In White, Mors Syphilitica, and of the TV series “The Venture Brothers”), Chris Cretella, and Dave Parmelee, Deal has offered a window to the world of disappointment, unfulfilled promise and resentment, all the while never losing a keen pop sensibility or lyrical prowess. Semi-autobiographical and very real, RADIO TWELVE is a concise damnation of the romantic condition.

Boy Genius is an indiepop band based out of Brooklyn, NY. They find inspiration in the pop and college rock anthems of the ’90s, including R.E.M., The Lemonheads and Miracle Legion. Boy Genius’ latest album, “Staggering,” is creating major buzz on indiepop blogs around the country.

Mold Monkies contain members of The Absolute Zeros, of which Steven Deal was a member. They play their own brand of powerpop and draw influence from and comparison to bands such as Guided By Voices, Blur, The Kinks and Husker Du.

Steven Deal will release his album, “Radio Twelve,” Friday, Jan. 8 at Cafe Nine, 200 State St., New Haven. Boy Genius and Mold Monkies will also play. Music starts at 10 p.m. This is a FREE show. 21+

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