Steven Deal – “Radio Twelve”

If you’re from New Haven and you don’t know Steve Deal, you’ve probably at least seen him around. He’s that big guy in the leather jacket … sometimes with bright red hair, sometimes with a hanky on his head. He’s usually surrounded by a group of people … usually musicians. Oh, you might have also seen him in the “It Happened But Nobody Noticed” movie.

Besides being an all-around cool dude, Steve is a music veteran who was part of New Haven’s glorious punk/new wave heyday. Steve’s been rocking since he was 13 and has been in a whole string of bands — Bleached Black, Chopper, Absolute Zeros, The Naomi Star.

After an extended songwriting hiatus and a bout with cancer, Steve is releasing his first solo album. “Radio Twelve” is “11 ‘hate’ songs, beer and brandy-soaked pop anthems, stories of romantic misery, self-loathing and megalomania.” This album runs the gamut from powerpop to ’60s pop and even has a little folkiness thrown in for good measure. These are fun songs that really should be accompanied with a beer … or 2 … or 5.

Tweefort is excited to be hosting two upcoming shows with Steve. You don’t want to miss these … this will be fun.

Saturday, Dec. 12: ArtSpace Underground with Swarm The Moon and Steven Deal. 50 Orange Street, New Haven. 8-11 p.m. $5. All-ages.

Friday, Jan. 8: Steven Deal “Radio Twelve” CD release show with Boy Genius and Mold Monkies. Cafe Nine, 250 State Street, New Haven. 10 p.m. FREE. 21+.

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