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ArtSpace Underground with Swarm The Moon and Steve Deal — Dec. 12

ArtSpace Underground returns Saturday, Dec. 12 with two great bands and a huge fashion show. Get ready to be impressed.

ArtSpace Underground presents EXCENTRAGLAM — A fashion show with 15+ designers. DJ Peter Kuhn will spin. Live music from Swarm The Moon, plus the solo debut of Steven Deal. As always … it’s $5 to get in with drinks by 116 Crown. ArtSpace Underground is always all-ages.

Swarm the Moon, from New Haven, formed late in the summer of 2009 when Anthony Acock (drums,) Thom Smith (guitar) and Tim Leonard (vocals/guitar) got sick of reading each other’s desperate pleas on Facebook looking to start a band and decided to get together and do something about it. Matty Mauro later joined in on bass, and the band was complete. Each member brings a very different musical background to the band and the end result is a tasty blend of equal parts noise, pop and rock. They have already drawn comparisons ranging from early Promise Ring to Sonic Youth. This will be their last show before they record their debut EP in January of 2010. Expect to hear much more from them in the coming year.

Steven Deal (ex-Bleached Black, Chopper, and Absolute Zeros) has been playing since he was 13 years old. He dropped out of college to tour the USA and Canada several times as a support act for groups such as Dinosaur Jr., Das Damen, The Screaming Trees and The Neighborhoods, to name a few. Deal has worked with producers Lou Giordano (Husker Du, Volcano Suns, GooGoo Dolls, etc.) and Peter Katis (Interpol, Philistines, Jr., Babyheads, Zambonis, etc.) among many others. After a 10+ year writing hiatus, singer-songwriter Deal returns with the pop punk album he’s always wanted to record. clocking in at under 40 minutes total running time, RADIO TWELVE is his first solo album ever, 11 “hate” songs, beer and brandy-soaked pop anthems, stories of romantic misery, self-loathing and megalomania.

ArtSpace New Haven, 50 Orange St. (corner of Orange and Crown). Doors open at 7 p.m. $5. All-ages.

Steven Deal – “Radio Twelve”

If you’re from New Haven and you don’t know Steve Deal, you’ve probably at least seen him around. He’s that big guy in the leather jacket … sometimes with bright red hair, sometimes with a hanky on his head. He’s usually surrounded by a group of people … usually musicians. Oh, you might have also seen him in the “It Happened But Nobody Noticed” movie.

Besides being an all-around cool dude, Steve is a music veteran who was part of New Haven’s glorious punk/new wave heyday. Steve’s been rocking since he was 13 and has been in a whole string of bands — Bleached Black, Chopper, Absolute Zeros, The Naomi Star.

After an extended songwriting hiatus and a bout with cancer, Steve is releasing his first solo album. “Radio Twelve” is “11 ‘hate’ songs, beer and brandy-soaked pop anthems, stories of romantic misery, self-loathing and megalomania.” This album runs the gamut from powerpop to ’60s pop and even has a little folkiness thrown in for good measure. These are fun songs that really should be accompanied with a beer … or 2 … or 5.

Tweefort is excited to be hosting two upcoming shows with Steve. You don’t want to miss these … this will be fun.

Saturday, Dec. 12: ArtSpace Underground with Swarm The Moon and Steven Deal. 50 Orange Street, New Haven. 8-11 p.m. $5. All-ages.

Friday, Jan. 8: Steven Deal “Radio Twelve” CD release show with Boy Genius and Mold Monkies. Cafe Nine, 250 State Street, New Haven. 10 p.m. FREE. 21+.

Elm City PopFest — Today!

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Elm City PopFest is TODAY!
2 shows. 7 bands. Art. DJs. Drinks. A Sunny Day In Glasgow. $8 for a full day of pop music! @ ArtSpace New Haven, 50 Orange St. Doors open at 2 p.m. Be there.


Don’t forget I’ll be on WYBCX online at 1 p.m. today with Jef Wilson on “The Jef Sessions” to do some last minute promo. I think Brian LaRue is going to join us for a while also. Tune in here.

Finally, here’s the a video of the making of A Sunny Day In Glasgow’s “Ashes Grammar.” Have we mentioned how excited we are to see ASDIG play?