New Haven ArtSpace Underground — Sept. 19

The New Haven ArtSpace Underground art parties are back! We’re excited to be helping out again this year.

Below is the press release directly from the ArtSpace:

NEW HAVEN – Dear New Haven: we’re baaack! Did you miss us? After three months of fun in the sun, the hottest party in New Haven is back and funkier than ever. So grab your BFFs, come down to the gallery and rock out with us on Saturday, September 19th, from 8-11PM.

Artspace Underground is Downtown New Haven’s only gig that brings you art, a sick DJ, live indie rock bands, and the sexy cool vibe of a SoHo-style Downtown gallery. But this year, we’ve got some new tricks up our sleeves. We’re gonna do themed parties now! Plus, we introduce “happenings,” relatively unscripted performance events that engage the whole audience, bridging the gap between art and life. It’ll be ridiculous.

The theme for September is FACTORY. Think pop art. Think Andy Warhol. On September 19th, Fake Babies performs live; New Haven art scene regular Phil Lique creates a surprise “Happening”; and resident-DJ Peter Kuhn spins the hottest indie hits. As always, 116 Crown provides sexy drinks and an equally sexy staff. Yum. What a way to ring in the school year. $5 admission includes one free drink ticket to redeem at 116 after 11PM; $6 dollar drink specials. Oh, and if you wear something ultra fabulous or FACTORY related, we’ll let you in for $2. So go get creative!

Fake Babies is Justin Courtney Roberts, Gary Kiernan Velush, and Robert James Nuzzello Jr.  Justin spends most of his time with his girlfriend, Gary rarely shuts the fuck up, and Robert thinks about a lot of pointless stuff all day. Babies usually makes what they like to call Noise Soul (and the occasional smooth R&B tracks which never get good enough to release).  One day they hope to get signed to Joe Jackson’s new record label, Chi-Coast Entertainment.  Or just enjoy a decent meal at a decent price with a decent person and a decent neo-soul-acid-jazz version of Fake Babies’ “Belly” playing faintly in the background.

Phil Lique is a really cool dude. He holds an MFA from Western Connecticut State University, and was most recently featured as Artist in Residence in the 2008 City-Wide Open Studios. The thing you’ll most likely notice about Phil is his crazy vintage style. Lord knows what Phil will come up with for his “happening” performance. Brace yourselves.

For more information about Artspace Underground, or to find out how you can get involved, contact Madison Moore at

Bands can also contact Tweefort at

One response to “New Haven ArtSpace Underground — Sept. 19

  1. i am a HAIRSTYLIST to thee GREAT NEW HAVEN district [262 state st] And i am interestd in putting some work in thee ARTSPCE..if someone can contact me i will be greatly appreciated…thx

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