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Sunny with a chance of indiepop


Is it November yet?

Tweefort has just confirmed — with the help of CT Indie — indie, pop, shoegaze band A Sunny Day In Glasgow for the Nov. 14 ArtSpace Underground. Opening for ASDIG will be the ever-prevalent Tyler Trudeau Attempt.

We’re very excited to be bringing this great band to New Haven and having them play at the ArtSpace. The ArtSpace parties keep getting better and better. The parties will start again Sept. 19 with Fake Babies, an art happening from Phil Lique of the band Kings and lots of other cool stuff all under the theme of Andy Warhol’s “Factory.” The October art party will be a Halloween bash with Lima Research Society from New Jersey … think Flaming Lips and you’ll be pretty close.

Tweefort is also pretty excited to be teaming up with Jay and John over at CT Indie. Hopefully this will be the first of many collaborations with CT Indie as Tweefort hope to push north and start to bring pop to places like Middletown and Hartford.

Tweefort teams up with Surf Nite!


This week we’re teaming up with Bobby D at Two Boots in Bridgeport as Surf Nite! goes garage.

Come out to Two Boots on Thursday to welcome The Mystery Lights from California and The Villains from New Haven.

Here’s what The Village Voice said about The Mystery Lights:

Hailing from Salinas, California (a/k/a “America’s Salad Bowl”), this neo-garage quartet hitches their music towards the psychedelic end of that mythical era, which means that they don’t have 20-minute drum solos (thank God) but that they do like weird imagery and are a little more brash in their sound, which are both pluses. And how are you gonna deny a band that’s on a label called Closet Trekkie, unless you’re a nerd hater?

The Villains site “UFOs, full moons, atomic relationships, reanimation, black holes, the spirit world, magic, mojo, bad vibes, gravedancing, incantations and stuff” as influences on their sound.

Here are the details:

Surf Nite! at Two Boots with The Mystery Lights and The Villains
281 Fairfield Ave., Bridgeport, CT
9 p.m., $5

This is another great opportunity to get out and support the great stuff Bobby D is doing to promote original independent music in CT.